Cleaning Photo Gallery

a guy in a white suit holding green equipment in an ambulance

Minimizing Risk for First Responders

Disinfection and Deep Cleaning in Sandy, Utah

Honoring our first responders at a time like this is rewarding beyond belief! Our team is making our way around the local police and fire stations to provide disinfection services. 

a guy cleaning a phone

Disinfection for the Murray Fire Department

Why not make work fun? Our team is having a great time visiting our local police and fire stations and providing disinfection for our first responders. Thank you to the Murray Fire Department for having us!

2 workers in white suits in a fire truck

Here to Help in Our Community

Providing Cleaning For First Responders

We are honored to be able to give back in a time like this. Providing proactive cleaning is the least we can do for the hardworking men and women on the frontlines each and every day!

a worker in a white suit in a firetruck

Preventative Cleaning for COVID-19

Helping our First Responders 

Our team provided free disinfection for the South Jordan Fire Department. We fogged their trucks, and provided a wipe down to help keep our first responders safe while they are out on the frontlines.