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Cleaned commercial hallway

After Mitigation

Water Remediation Services

This commercial building suffered water damage after a broken pipe. We were on the job quickly to extract the water from the damaged carpets. We caught in time before mold damage could occur. 

SERVPRO of West Jordan uses the best equipment in the industry to dry and remove water after damages. 

water damage commercial property

Commercial Drying Process

After Water Damage

This commercial building had puddles of water on the floor when we showed up. Our remediation specialists used extraction units to remove the water

When your business in West Jordan suffers water damage, our team at SERVPRO is ready to help you and has the right equipment for drying. 

fans in damaged area of building

Damaged Flooring and Drywall

Our Restoration Process

After this building's water loss, our team had to remove the flooring and the drywall to completely dry the affected area. SERVPRO of West Jordan took the necessary steps to remove the water and restore the property. 

commercial building being dried

Air Movers for Water Damage

Our Equipment

After this commercial building suffered water damage, our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan used our advanced air movers or fans to dry the excess water. Our team also removed part of the damaged drywall. 

Fire damage to wall and ceiling in garage.

A Fire Can Be Devastating

That's Why We Are Here

There is no doubt that a fire can be devastating. If your home or business in Herriman City suffers from a fire, please don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of West Jordan team a call!

We urge our community to review our Fire Damage Tips.

a guy in front of a SERVPRO van

Meet Mont!

Meet Mont! He has years of expertise and experience in the fire safety industry! We are so happy he is part of our team!

Mont is our Fire Specialist. He has close to 40 years working in the Fire Industry including over 25 years with Unified Fire. He also worked more than a dozen years as a Civilian Employee for Park City Fire. We at SERVPRO are excited to have someone with his knowledge and experience heading up our Fire Program.

Drying equipment on floor.

Kitchen Water Damage

Drying the Water Damage

Our SERVPRO of West Jordan team is working hard on a residential water damage cleanup and restoration in the Midvale, UT, area. This home suffered from a bad water leak that damaged the floors and walls in the kitchen.

Soot damage to wall.

Kitchen Fire Leaves Daybreak Home With Soot & Smoke Damage

This home in Daybreak, UT, suffered from significant interior damage after a fire broke out in the kitchen. Smoke & soot filled the home and left behind a mess of soot and foul odor. Our SERVPRO of West Jordan team is highly trained in fire damage cleanup and smoke odor removal. 

Man standing next to a grill.

Company Luncheon

Thanks to our owners Brad and Susan Tatom, for a wonderful company luncheon! They served Carne Asadas with guacamole and beans for the whole team. We love it when our team feels appreciated! Go Team Tatom! 

Fire damage and board up to exterior of home.

Board-Up After Fire Loss

If your home or business suffers from a fire damage event, you can count on our SERVPRO of West Jordan team to be there to help! We are the local leaders in fire damage cleanup and restoration in Riverton, UT.

Dying equipment in dance studio.

Dance Studio Water Damage

This dance studio in Draper, UT, suffered from a water leak that brought the daily dance classes to a halt. Our SERVPRO of West Jordan team understood how important it was to get the studio back up and running as quickly as possible. We quickly got to work to make the damage seem "Like it never even happened," in no time!

Smoke and soot damage.

Soot and Smoke Damage in West Jordan Home

If your home or business has a fire break out on your property in West Jordan, you might be left with extensive fire and smoke damages. SERVPRO of West Jordan can get our home or business back to normal after a loss. Call us today!

Drying equipment in hallway.

Efficient Drying Process

Our SERVPRO of West Jordan places the drying equipment in the most efficient manner to ensure that your water damage is properly dried at the least amount of time. The quicker the dry, the lesser the chances of further damage!

Air movers in action.

Water Cleanup Professionals

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration, SERVPRO of West Jordan is here to help! Our crew is highly trained and experienced in water cleanup. When disaster strikes, our SERVPRO team is ready to respond to your home or business in the West Jordan area.

Dehumidifier and air mover in room.

Drying After Water Loss

Drying Equipment in Draper, UT, Home

This him in Draper, UT, suffered from a significant water loss event that caused extensive damage in several rooms throughout the property. Our SERVPRO of West Jordan team received the call from the homeowner and quickly responded!

Two men standing in front of a SERVPRO car.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

We've got all the luck we need! Check out our friend's killer shamrock jacket! On St. Patrick's day our friend here, waved down our awesome green sedan to a photo op. Thankfully, the moment was captured! 

demolition to white sheetrock

Demolition After Water Damage

Water Damage in Salt Lake City, Utah

Here at SERVPRO of West Jordan, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. The faster we can start the drying process, the less damage will be spread. Give us a call if you notice storm related water damage in your home or business.

green drying equipment

Drying Equipment After Water Damage

SERVPRO of West Jordan has a team of licensed water damage restoration professionals who are ready to restore your home or business after storm damage at any given time. We have a team on call 24/7 to respond to water damage emergencies. Call us today!

frozen pipe with icicles hanging down

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Pipe Bursts in Salt Lake City, Utah

Frozen pipes don't always break near the outside walls. Ice forms within the pipe starting from the outside wall and adds pressure inside the water line. The pipe will break at the weakest point which could be anywhere inside your home.

ceiling damage

Ice Damming Causing Water Damage

What is Ice Damming?

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas. SERVPRO of West Jordan is here to help 24/7, 365.

fire damage equipment in a room

Fire Damage in West Jordan

Our SERVPRO of West Jordan Teams were Onsite

When a fire damaged this home, our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan was onsite and ready with their equipment to handle the damage. No matter the extent of your fire damage, we have the equipment we need for each unique situation. 

ceiling and water damage on a home

Water Damage in Draper

SERVPRO of West Jordan is Ready 

When water damage affected this Draper, UT home our teams were onsite to start the restoration process. While water damage is never cookie cutter, there are steps that our specialists take that rarely change. You can read more about them by CLICKING HERE

Man holds moisture meter up to a ceiling after water damage

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO of West Jordan Has the Tools for Water Damage

Our teams are equipped with all the needed tools when you and your home are faced with water damage. Including moisture meters, pictured here. Moisture meters reads how much moisture is present behind walls and ceilings after water damage. 

Mold inspection in Salt Lake City.

Mold Inspection in Salt Lake City

If you suspect you might have a mold problem in your home or business in Salt Lake City, call our SERVPRO of West Jordan crew today! Our crew will respond, inspect, and remediate your mold infestation to ensure that your mold problem is no more!

Standing water in an open office space.

Standing Water in Office

Our SERVPRO of West Jordan team was called to a local business in West Jordan, UT. After the weekend, the employees walked into the office to find standing water throughout the office space. Our crew quickly got the office back to pre-water conditions! 

Cafe area.

Defensive Pathogen Cleaning West Jordan

Is your large business in need of a disinfection and decontamination service? Don't worry! SERVPRO of West Jordan is here to help. Our crew are highly trained and experienced in defensive pathogen cleaning and we offer this service to any size commercial property in West Jordan, UT, and surrounding areas!

Exposed ceiling due to water damage.

Ceiling Damage in Draper Home

This home in Draper, UT, suffered from a large water loss that completely destroyed the ceiling throughout the second story. If your home or business suffers from water damage, give our SERVPRO of West Jordan a call!

Air movers in action.

Water Damage Experts

West Jordan Water Cleanup

Our SERVPRO of West Jordan experts recently completed a water cleanup job in a home in West Jordan that had suffered from significant water damage. When it comes to water cleanup and restoration, you can trust our SERVPRO experts!

Air movers and dehumidifier set up in a room.

Water Cleanup in Salt Lake Home

Water Cleanup Job in Salt Lake, UT

You can trust our SERVPRO of West Jordan crew fo all of your residential and commercial water damage cleanup and restoration services in Salt Lake, UT, and surrounding areas.

Drying equipment set up in a bedroom.

Water Cleanup Salt Lake City

If your home or business in Salt Lake City suffers from a water leak, pipe burst, or flooding, you can trust our SERVPRO of West Jordan experts for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs!

Drying equipment in hallway.

Water Damage Cleanup in West Jordan

SERVPRO of West Jordan / South Jordan / North Draper and SERVPRO of Holladay / Cottonwood and SERVPRO of Murray / Midvale / Cottonwood Heights is the trusted leader in water damage cleanup and restoration in West Jordan, UT. There is never a convenient time for water damage to strike your property and our crew is always ready to help!

Drying equipment set up on floor.

Water Damage Cleanup in Sandy, UT

SERVPRO of West Jordan / South Jordan / North Draper and SERVPRO of Holladay / Cottonwood and SERVPRO of Murray / Midvale / Cottonwood Heights offers an immediate response around the clock to any water damage event in Sandy, UT

Drying equipment on floor.

Water Damage Cleanup Near Me

A water loss that goes unnoticed or unattended can result in water damage and mold damage. It is important to give SERVPRO of West Jordan / South Jordan / North Draper and SERVPRO of Holladay / Cottonwood and SERVPRO of Murray / Midvale / Cottonwood Heights a call at the first signs of water damage in West Jordan, UT.

Drying equipment in bedroom.

West Jordan Water Damage

This home in West Jordan, UT, experienced a water leak that caused water damage throughout several rooms in the home, especially the bedroom pictured above. Our crew was quickly on-site and at work to ensure that the water damage was "Like it never even happened."

a guy in a white suit holding green equipment in an ambulance

Minimizing Risk for First Responders

Disinfection and Deep Cleaning in Sandy, Utah

Honoring our first responders at a time like this is rewarding beyond belief! Our team is making our way around the local police and fire stations to provide disinfection services. 

a guy cleaning a phone

Disinfection for the Murray Fire Department

Why not make work fun? Our team is having a great time visiting our local police and fire stations and providing disinfection for our first responders. Thank you to the Murray Fire Department for having us!

mold on a dresser

Mold on a Dresser

Mold Removal Salt Lake City

Where there is moisture, there will be mold. For mold removal and remediation in your Salt Lake City home, call SERVPRO of West Jordan. We are certified in mold remediation and will make it "Like it never even happened." (801) 282-6366

a guy cleaning the inside of an ambulance

Serving our First Responders

Serving Sandy Fire Department

Busy on the job providing disinfection services for our friends at the Sandy Fire Department! It's been an honor being able to give back to the first responders who serve us day in and day out.

2 workers in white suits in a fire truck

Here to Help in Our Community

Providing Cleaning For First Responders

We are honored to be able to give back in a time like this. Providing proactive cleaning is the least we can do for the hardworking men and women on the frontlines each and every day!

a worker in a white suit in a firetruck

Preventative Cleaning for COVID-19

Helping our First Responders 

Our team provided free disinfection for the South Jordan Fire Department. We fogged their trucks, and provided a wipe down to help keep our first responders safe while they are out on the frontlines.

water on the floor of a commercial building

Water Extraction Services

Water Cleanup and Extraction in Salt Lake City

This Salt Lake City business was full of standing water when the owner arrived. Our crews immediately went out to assess the damage and began extracting the standing water.

smoke on white walls

Deodorization After a House Fire

When your Salt Lake City home or business suffers a fire, it leaves you wondering where to start when it comes to restoring your property. Our team is equipped and certified to restore any size fire loss, and is sure to make it "Like it never even happened."

smoke on white walls of a room

Fire and Smoke Restoration in Salt Lake City

Smoke Odor and Soot Removal in Salt Lake City

Our team knows the proper techniques to fully remove soot and smoke odor from your property after a fire. Make us your first call after the firefighters leave to minimize damage.

floor ripped up revealing the subfloor

Floor Damage After a Water Loss

This Salt Lake City home suffered water damage, leaving the floors unsalvageable. Our team removed the flooring, properly dried out the home, and will ensure the home is looking "Like it never even happened," when our team is finished!

water on the ground of a commercial building

Commercial Water Cleanup in Salt Lake City

Water Cleanup in Salt Lake City

SERVPRO of West Jordan offers 24/7 water extraction for businesses in Northern Utah. We know disasters strike when you least expect, that's why we are always available at a moments notice.

Damage to commercial property

Let us take care of the damage done to your Commercial space.

Water Damage to your commercial building can be stressful as a business owner. We understand that so much more is lost than just material things. SERVPRO of West Jordan will work fast and efficiently with your Commercial Clean Up needs to get your business back up and running in no time. 

Water Damage Cleanup

We can help with your commercial and residential clean up.

Water Damage to your West Jordan home or business can be one of the tougher jobs to take on, on your own. Our team of trained technicians are her to help remediate, restore and clean up any water damage that's been done to your property.

Green equipment on the floor

We'll get every last spot.

If your West Jordan home has suffered Water Damage its very possible that that water made its way down to a dark damp basement where Mold can form. SERVPRO of West Jordan specializes in Water Restoration and Mold Remediation.

Icicles hanging from gutters

Don't let frozen pipes lead to more problems.

Frozen pipes can lead to many problems for your West Jordan home like pipes bursts, Water Damage, Mold and more. You can call our trusted technicians to handle any and all of your Water Damage or Mold remediation needs.

Structural damage from home storm.

Storm Damage Remediation

Storm Damage to your West Jordan home doesn’t have to be as stressful to have cleaned as you may think it would be. Depending on the size of the damage it could be a very quick cleanup job. However, there are more devastating storms that take a lot more time and manpower to have cleaned and restored.

Water extraction equipment in kitchen

Residential Water Extraction

Since every flood and water damage scenario is different, each one requires a specific solution tailored for the specific conditions. However, the overall water restoration process remains the same. Our team of highly trained professionals in West Jordan can help with all your water damage needs.

a room with green drying equipment in it

Drying Equipment for Commercial Losses

This was a multi unit housing structure that was affected by water damage. Our team arrived to the loss, began extracting water, and placing drying equipment. Soon this property will be "Like it never even happened." 

an exposed ceiling with a visible pipe

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Has the recent weather caused frozen pipes in your home or business? SERVPRO of West Jordan has a team ready to respond when water damage happens. We are here to help 24/7, 365. Emergencies happen, SERVPRO of West Jordan is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

green equipment on grey carpet in a living room

Soaking Wet Carpet After Water Damage

These carpets were left soaking wet after a basement flood in this West Jordan home. SERVPRO of West Jordan is here to help after any size disaster your home or business may face. We are here to help 24/7, 365. 

the interior of an office space with hanging clipboards

Take a Look Inside Our Office!

We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers receive quick mitigation after water, fire, and mold damage. Our crews are dedicated to ensuring a great customer experience and quality work in a timely manner.

a brown brick building

Our Office

SERVPRO of West Jordan has an office full of friendly faces ready to help you after disaster strikes. Although you mainly meet our production crew, we have a full staff working hard behind the scenes!

a green SERVPRO semi truck

Our Fleet

Our fleet is always ready to roll out! Give SERVPRO of West Jordan a call for any size water, fire , or mold loss. We are available 24/7, 365. Rain or shine, we will be at your service! 

exposed pipes in a wall

Pipe Break

If the pipes in your home or business break or leak and cause water damage, give SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper a call! We are sure to make it "Like it never even happened."

a gym with drying equipment in it

Drying Out This Commercial Space

This gym owner gave our team a call as soon as they came in to find water all over the ground. They gave our team a call immediately to remove the standing water and to get the gym back to its preloss condition! 

a pipe with water coming out of it

Commercial Water Cleanup

When your West Jordan, UT business suffers water damage due to a pipe leak or break, give SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper a call. We are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year! 

water on a parking lot

Commercial Water Extraction

This commercial property needed the standing water extracted so the parking spaces could be used. Our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper arrived to the property and began extracting the water. 

two pieces of green drying equipment in a cabinet

Drying Tight Spaces

Our drying equipment is hard at work drying the small spaces in this cabinetry. When your home or business suffers water loss, our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper will be "Faster to any size Disaster."

a dehumidifier sitting in a room with no flooring

Dehumidifier Hard at Work

This dehumidifier is hard at work removing the moisture out of the air of this water damaged home in West Jordan, UT. If your home or business is in need of water damage restoration services, give our team a call! 

an air mover in a bathroom with no flooring

Bathroom Flooded? SERVPRO can help.

Our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper is here to help after bathroom flooding. Give our team a call day or night for emergency water damage restoration services. We are always Here to Help! 

drying mats on a hardwood floor

Drying Hardwood Flooring

Our team is equipped with specialized equipment to be able to dry any kind of flooring after water damage. When your hardwood floors suffer water loss, give our team at SERVPRO of West Jordan/South Jordan/North Draper.

Ready For Large Loss

Our disaster recovery team is ready for any size job. So if you experience a large loss in your home or business, you can be sure that SERVPRO can handle it. Just give us a call.

Ready Anytime

With our team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to your disaster, there is no time that we aren't ready. So give us a call. We are faster to any size disaster.

Our Board Up Services

When you find that you have an opening in your home like this one did after a car crashed into it, our team can help secure the home through the board up services that we offer.

Mold Covered Door

This home had a moisture problem that wasn't noticed right away which resulted in the heavy mold growth you see on this door. If you have mold like this in your home, call SERVPRO.

Moisture And Mold

Mold spores can be present in every home. What causes them to grow is moisture. That means, in order to prevent further issues with mold, the moisture needs to be dealt with. If you have mold, give us a call!

Containment In Your Home

Containment barriers like this are used after a water or mold loss in order to prevent contaminants out of the portions of your home that are uncontaminated. If you have a water loss in your home, call us!

Typical Types Of Drying Equipment

When you have a water loss, you may see us using several types of drying equipment to help with the drying process. You may see dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air movers like the one pictured here.

Water Drying

We placed this equipment in this home to cause the moisture to evaporate more quickly. Moisture that is left for more than 24-48 hours can cause secondary damage such as mold. That is why it is critical to take care of the moisture quickly.

Using Air Movers

You will often see us using drying equipment such as this air mover to help speed up the drying process after a water loss. This helps to mitigate secondary damage such as mold in your home.

Cleaning Up A Water Loss

This home had a water loss in the area above this room. As you can see we had to cut out part of the ceiling to address the problem. If you have a loss like this, give us a call!

West Jordan, UT House Flood

This home flooded and needed remediation services. When your home is flooded by rainwater it is important to call the professionals at (801) 282-6366 if you home suffers a flood due to rain or storm damage.

Why do we use a Dehumidifier?

The dehumidifier is the workhorse of the water damage loss. While the water evaporates the humidity rises in the room saturating the walls. The dehumidifiers keep the water out of the air. SERVPRO will make it "Like it never even happened."

Park City, UT Large Loss

We drove the trailer up to Park City, UT to clean up a large home with water damage. SERVPRO used the trailer to store supplies since the home had limited access. No matter the job, we can handle it with over 15 years of experience.

Fire Damage in Home

When disaster strikes, you need someone who is quick to action! SERVPRO is here to help with ANY size fire loss. Give us a call anytime, we are open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Mold Loss

This home had a mold loss situation as you can see from the wall in this photo. Mold can be very difficult to deal with, and you need someone you can rely on to get the job right. Just call us!

Fire Damage To House

Although some items in this home were able to be salvaged, the home was a total loss. Fire loss can be devastating and when you have a fire loss like this, you need professionals who care. Give us a call.

Flooded Carpet

Flash flooding caused by storms that recently came through the area entered this facility and flooded this room, causing the damage you see in this picture. We cleaned up all the water and repaired all the damage.

Roof Damaged By Storm

This roof was damaged by high winds from storms that recently came through the area. The roof was heavily damaged as you can see here and lost shingles and sheathing to the winds.

Blocked Storm Drain

Storms that recently came through the area caused debris to block the storm drain and as a result, water entered the home and flooded this room. When we arrived there was still water standing in the floor. 

Home Damaged By Wind

This home suffered damage from high winds during a recent storm. We responded quickly and were able to repair the damage just as quickly. The homeowner was grateful. If you have storm damage, give us a call.

Ready For A Storm Job

The air movers, scrubbers, and fans in this picture are being staged to be loaded onto a truck to head out to a home that has been damaged by the storms that recently affected our area.

Flooding From Storm

This home was flooded when storms that recently came through the area pushed water inside. The water damaged floors and walls, particularly in this area of the house. We cleaned it all up and made it "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning Up The Water

This facility suffered a water loss due to a broken pipe that affected this room severely. We pulled out the carpet and cut away the affected portion of the sheetrock and dried up all the excess moisture. 

Water Loss Due To Shower Leak

A leak in the shower that is in the bathroom in this picture caused water to pool in the floor and run out onto the carpet you see pictured here. After the leak was repaired, we removed the excess moisture and repaired the damage.

FLIR Imaging

We use multiple tools to ensure that we don't miss any moisture in your home. One of those is the FLIR Thermal Imaging System. It helps us see moisture that you can't detect with the naked eye.

Ceiling Damage

A leaking roof caused the insulation above this ceiling to become saturated with water and eventually break through. We came in and dried up all the moisture and repaired all the damage in no time.

Office Water Loss

A malfunctioning toiled was the culprit of the water loss you see in this picture. Most of the damage was in the adjacent room but, as you can see, this room was affected as well.

Home Damaged By Fire

This home had a severe fire that damaged a large portion of the inside. The homeowner was very happy that we were able to come in and restore her home in a minimal amount of time.

Pack Out For Fire Restoration

In this picture, you can see that the homeowners belongings have been packed out ahead of the restoration process following the fire. We want to make sure your belongings are safe while we restore your home.

Fire Damage To roof

This home had a large fire that damaged the roof as you can see in the picture. The damage was fairly severe, but we were able to clean up and repair all the damage quickly.

Mold In The Kitchen

This home had a moisture problem and when we removed the cabinets, we found the mold that you see pictured here. We removed all the moisture and cleaned up the mold. The homeowner was very pleased.

Mold Caused By Water Heater

The water heater in the picture had a leak that caused mold to start growing. The leak was repaired and we brought in the necessary equipment to remove the moisture and clean up the mold.

Fire In Kitchen

This kitchen was damaged by a fire that started on the stove and got out of control quickly. There was a large amount of damage but we were able to clean up and repair the damage quickly.

We Are Mold Experts

No matter the size job, if you have a mold loss, give us a call. Our trained team of professionals is equipped to handle the cleanup and restoration of your mold damaged home.

Mold On Wall

This home had a mold loss situation, as you can see from the mold on this wall. We went in and set up containment barriers, air scrubbers and fans. Then we began the clean up process.

Containment Barrier For Mold

One of the important things when performing a mold remediation is to put containment barriers in place. As you can see, that is one of the things we make sure we do to keep contaminants as localized as possible.

Fire Loss Restoration

This home suffered a loss due to a fire that damaged the home severely. This picture was taken after the demo process and, as you can see here, we were just beginning the restoration process. 

Commercial Loss

The owner of this facility called us when he suffered a water loss due to a malfunctioning fire suppression system that caused heavy flooding. We responded quickly and repaired all the damage in less time than the owner expected.

Water Loss At Commercial Facility

This facility suffered a water loss due to a broken pipe which caused flooding that damaged floors and walls. We brought in equipment such as fans, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers to dry up the water and the repaired the facility.

Water Loss At Hotel

A few of the rooms in this hotel suffered a water loss situation and needed repair. There was still water standing in some areas when we arrived. We were able to remove all the water and make the repairs quickly.

Three green SERVPRO vehicles

Responding To A Commercial Loss

A fast, professional response is what you need when you have a commercial loss in West Jordan like the one we are responding to in the picture. That is what we do. Our team of professionals will make it "Like it never even happened."

Help Is Coming

When you need help with your commercial loss, you need it fast. We are always ready to jump into action to help restore your business. That's why we are always faster to any size disaster!

Green SERVPRO semi outside.

Disaster Recovery Team

When Water Damage claims your property, no matter the size, call SERVPRO! This Semi Truck is filled with equipment just waiting to be used. If your building is flooded and multiple floors need work, we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done.

Salt Lake Temple

Restoring one of the oldest building in Utah from water damage. Our team was quick to respond and start the mitigation process. If you have any questions about handling a water loss, feel free to call anytime. 

Police men and firemen standing outside of a burnt house.

Our Promise To You

Within one hour of receiving notification, we will contact the property owner of the damaged residence. Within 4 hours we will be on site mitigating the damage, and within 8 hours we will begin making notifications to Adjusters.