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The Leading Causes of Home Fires

9/21/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage to a house Fire damage to a house in Daybreak, UT

Common Causes That Lead To a Home Fire

In the United States, multiple home fires are occurring every minute. Many of these home fires could be avoided if the homeowners had taken safety precautions. Knowing some of the more common causes that lead to a home fire could help you assess your best practices in Daybreak, UT.

Cooking in the Home Kitchen
Cooking has been the most common among fire causes for the last several years. Homeowners become comfortable in their kitchen which leads to lax cooking practices. While most cooking fires are minor, they have the potential to get out of hand fast. Surprisingly, electric range fires were more common than those caused by a gas range. Always keep grease spills cleaned up in the kitchen, and protect clothing from getting caught in a flame.

Electrical Fires
One of the leading causes of a home fire in the last decade has been an electrical fire. Arcing was the primary cause of fire then there was an electrical malfunction.

Burning Candles
Burning candles are another common igniter of home fires. Multiple home fires started by candles receive emergency response every day. More than a third of these fires occur in a bedroom and the majority are caused by being too close to flammable material. Don't use candles in the bedroom, and never leave a candle burning in a room that is unoccupied.

Heating Equipment
Due to the danger of heating equipment, home fires are more common during the winter months. Most of these fires involve space heaters being placed in close proximity to flammable materials such as furniture, clothing, and bedding.

A home fire is one of the worst disasters a homeowner can experience. If you experience a fire, don't go back into the home until the fire department tells you it's safe. Call your insurance company and arrange for fire cleaning and restoration.

Most home fires are preventable. Use caution if you must use a space heater, and consider using alternatives to candles. Most importantly, have a fire safety plan in place for your family so you are prepared if a home fire occurs.

How To Avoid Fires From Cooking

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Cooking fire It’s important to not leave any cooking food unattended.

How To Prevent Cooking Fires

Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the one in which you may spend more of your active time than anywhere else. This is where you gather, entertain, eat and, of course, cook. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common areas in the home where fires start. Often, destructive fires start because of unsafe cooking practices. It’s important to follow some best practices and tips to keep fires away.

Stay Nearby

Whether you’re standing at the stove or using an electric skillet, it’s important to not leave any cooking food unattended. Unmonitored cooking can lead to extensive fire damage.

  • Stay in the kitchen whether you’re grilling, frying or broiling your meal.
  • If you have to leave for any reason, turn the stove or other appliance off.
  • If possible, have someone at your West Jordan, UT home watch your food while you step away.

Use a Timer

It’s easy to throw something in the oven and forget about it, especially if you leave the kitchen and go into another room or outside. Setting a timer will help reduce the risk of a fire starting in the oven and spreading to other areas.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Not only will cleaning up grease and other materials help your kitchen look nicer, but this will reduce the risk of a grease fire. As soon as you’ve finished preparing and cooking your meal, wipe down the surfaces of your stove.

Watch Your Clothes

You may not think of your attire as being important when it comes to fire prevention tips. However, if you’re not careful, loose and dangling clothing could touch a burner or come into contact with grease. This could injure you and could even spread flames in your kitchen.

These simple fire prevention tips could help save you and your loved ones from catastrophe. Be conscientious as you cook and entertain so you can avoid the terrible consequences of a house fire.

How Do You Create a Fire Escape Plan?

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

Escape plan A concrete, a laid-out fire escape plan is crucial in assuring everyone’s safety.

How Do You Create a Fire Escape Plan?

As a business owner in South Jordan, UT you may be concerned with protecting your employees and the valuable contents within your building from fire damage. While protecting those items is mainly an issue of not letting a fire start in the first place, your employees’ lives are both more valuable and easy to protect. Making sure you have a sound fire escape plan in your building is an essential safety measure. It’s not enough to just tell your employees to evacuate in the event of a fire, however. A concrete, a laid-out fire escape plan is crucial in assuring everyone’s safety. Here are a few pointers to make your plan easier to design, as well as some things it should include:

Check Smoke Alarms

First and foremost, you must be sure your building meets NFPA standards for smoke alarms. This means a smoke alarm in every room and office, and outside every major working area. Also, while it’s highly unlikely that your employees will have this problem, it’s important to verify that everyone in the building knows what a smoke alarm sounds like so that they can evacuate immediately upon hearing it.

Plan Escapes from Every Room

As an important part of your fire escape plan, every employee in your building must know of at least two ways to escape from every room. If every room does not already have two means of escape, it’s a good idea to create them. For example, for rooms on higher floors, a fire escape ladder on the outside can help ensure employee safety and escape in the event of a fire.

Establish a Meeting Place

Make sure every employee in the building knows where the designated meeting place outside the building is. This makes accounting for everyone easier after evacuation and creates a more orderly and efficient escape process.


It may seem like overkill, but an important part of any effective emergency escape plan is regular drills. You should conduct fire drills at least twice a year, or until everyone in your building can complete the evacuation process within a reasonable but short time period based on the size of your building.

Keep Your Candles Without Causing a Fire

6/7/2021 (Permalink)

Five lid up candles Although candles are a bit of a fire hazard, you don’t necessarily have to stop using them.

Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Although you probably know candles are a potential fire hazard, you may not be willing to stop using them in your home. There is something therapeutic and genuinely enjoyable about lighting a candle and breathing in that amazing scent of choice. The good news is that there are ways to use these products without causing a candle fire in West Jordan, UT.

Consider following these three steps in your home.

  1. Don’t put your candle too close to the curtains. The worst decision to make when using candles of any size is to put them next to curtains in your home. Even if you think there is enough space between the two items, a quick draft of air could easily cause the flame to spread over to the curtain, causing a candle fire that could’ve been avoided.
  2. Don’t sleep without blowing them out. Even if you’re only planning to take a nap, make sure you blow the candle out and cover it with a lid if it came with one. You could end up sleeping for much longer than you anticipated, and something could happen during that time that ultimately leads to a serious candle fire.
  3. Keep your pets away from the candles. You may think you can trust your pets to steer clear from anything with a flame attached to it, but that isn’t always the case. A curious cat or dog could sneak over to the candle and end up knocking it over unintentionally. If that were to happen, you could end up dealing with the fire and smoke cleanup as well as the possibility of losing some of your valuable possessions.

Although candles are a bit of a fire hazard, you don’t necessarily have to stop using them. However, many people have made minor mistakes with candles in their homes that caused them to require the services of fire restoration experts. You can avoid those mistakes by following these important safety tips in West Jordan, UT.

Understanding the Process of Fire Damage Restoration

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Structure of a home burned, windows and doors have been boarded up Fire damage in Herriman, UT.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Nothing compares to the devastation a family feels witnessing the aftermath of a residential fire. While emergency services can ensure the safety of the family, they cannot protect the belongings that hold sentimental value. A fire restoration service in Herriman, UT, has a greater chance of recovering contents of emotional value, and it does so through the salvage and restoration process, in five steps.

1. Emergency Assessment
Most restoration services will have a 24/7 emergency contact line. Once reached, the service will send out a project manager to assess the scene. These professionals will inspect structural integrity and devise a safe and effective recovery plan.

2. Water Removal
Because of fire hoses, fire restorations often require significant water removal, and the damage cleaning will involve some tasks typically reserved for water disasters. For example, before the fire cleaning can commence, a restoration crew will need to use pumps or shop vacuums to remove excess water. The team will often follow this up with dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the house.

3. Debris Removal and Inventory
While a recovery team will remove obvious trash - those items beyond repair - they will also take care to set aside anything that is salvageable or could hold sentimental value. Fire restoration is not only about rebuilding a structure; it is about maintaining memories and the sense of home.

4. Smoke and Soot Cleaning
People often make the mistake of believing that smoke damage only occurs on the surface of objects. However, smoke and soot will often make their way into the cracks, crevices, and nooks-and-crannies of appliances, computers, furniture, and so much more. Experienced restoration specialists will take the necessary time, using disinfectants and commercial cleaners, to ensure no smoke residue remains in your home.

5. Restoration
With all the cleaning complete, the restoration crew can resecure the structure and get the house ready for occupancy. All finishes will be restored, and the home will look like nothing ever happened.
Nothing can prepare a family for the devastation of a residential fire. While the sight is enough to leave anyone feeling hopeless, don't give up. Fire restoration seems miraculous with a trusted service.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration Most operate by using the P.A.S.S. technique

How you respond in the face of a fire emergency can affect the safety, health, and livelihood of yourself and many others. While evacuating and calling the fire department is always the best idea in the face of major fires, knowing how to operate a fire extinguisher could prevent a small fire from spreading. For example, a kitchen fire in your home in Riverton, UT, might be able to be stopped or contained by the proper use of an extinguisher.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher

If it is safe to do so, use an extinguisher on small fires. They are simple to use. Most operate by using the P.A.S.S. technique.

Pull - Pull the pin.
Aim - Aim low while pointing the extinguisher hose at the base of the fire.
Squeeze - Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent.
Sweep - Sweep the flow of the extinguishing agent from side to side at the base of the fire until the fire appears to be out.

When the fire appears to be out, back away from the area in case it reignites. If it does reignite, repeat steps two through four of the P.A.S.S. technique. If the fire grows beyond small flames or is resistant to your efforts, evacuate immediately and call the fire department.

What To Do Next
If you called the fire department, back away to a safe area and wait for them. Do not attempt to go back into the home, even if the flames seem to be smaller. If you managed to put out the fire safely on your own, turn your attention to clean up and repairs. Fire damage to your home can be devastating and messy. In addition to the fire and smoke, flooding and the extinguishing agent add to the mess to be cleaned. Restoration specialists can help clean and restore your home to safe and livable conditions.
Fires are dangerous, unpredictable events that have the potential to cause devastation and threaten lives. Everyone should know the simple steps to operate a fire extinguisher.

3 Ways To Mitigate Commercial Roof Damage

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

The tarp covers the roof of the old house in the reconstruction. Tarp over roof damage

Tips To Protect Your Commercial Roof

When the roof of a commercial building gets damaged by fire or any other cause, it may be possible to limit the severity of damage by immediately pursuing mitigation. Full-service restoration companies offer a variety of fire cleanup services to limit the extent of damage. Here are three good options to protect a vulnerable roof on a commercial property located in Riverton, UT.

1. Locate the Source of Leaks
It is necessary to know which parts of a roof are leaking in order to effectively apply tarps or other coverings. Business and commercial building owners may not have the expertise or equipment needed to identify the exact location of leaks and pursue mitigation measures, let alone roof repair. Damage restoration experts and roofers can recommend mitigation measures.

2. Tarp Over Roof Damage
Tarps are useful for covering leaky portions of a roof. If more than one leak is located in the same area, a tarp of sufficient size can keep more water from working through any of these breaches. More than one tarp may be necessary for a commercial roof with widespread damage until fire cleanup is complete.

3. Keep the Tarp Secure
Boards and fasteners may be helpful for strapping down a tarp. If high winds or storms can loosen a tarp, this material cannot provide adequate protection against continued leaks. Mitigation professionals specialize in tarp services and can quickly install equipment that requires at least two skilled workers.
Roof damage at a commercial structure can prove costly. The type of roofing material is the primary factor for determining repair costs. Practically any roof can benefit from temporary tarping after suffering damage, though the use of specialized fasteners may be necessary. If an internal or external fire breaches roofing materials on a building in Riverton, UT, the owner or manager should arrange for mitigation, roof repair and fire cleanup.

Necessary Tools for Fire Prevention

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

Insurance adjuster inspecting abandoned building The key to prevention is inspection

Keep Your Business Safe

When you think of fire prevention, what comes to mind? Can you imagine your business thriving in the aftermath? Prevention comes down to preparation, as any fire restoration company in South Jordan, UT, will tell you. Therefore, to keep your business safe and thriving make sure you have the necessary tools.

Fire escape plan
Business interruption plan
Sprinkler System and Extinguishers

Fire Escape Plan
Depending on the industry, a business fire can be fast and aggressive, enveloping office spaces in minutes. Keeping employees, customers, and managers safe should always be the primary concern for any owner. Design a fire escape plan that has multiple exits from every area and practice the plan several times throughout the year.

Business Interruption Plan
Another critical aspect of fire prevention is knowing that not every fire can be prevented. Therefore, it is vital to have a plan for the aftermath, especially as it relates to business operations. While there is no getting around some level of interruption, with a proper plan, you may limit the amount of financial loss.

Sprinkler System and Extinguishers
The best way to limit fire damage in your building is by installing and using fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems. Most sprinkler systems are automatic, but extinguisher use is a skill that may need practice. Consider contacting the local fire department to ask for instructions and a possible demonstration.

The key to prevention is inspection. Make sure that all electrical, inventory, appliances, HVAC, and other elements of your facility receive the proper inspections. Faulty wiring or a malfunctioning appliance can lead to a significant commercial loss.
Fire prevention is only part of protecting your property and the people that make your business a success. Keep in mind that you cannot prevent every disaster, so preparation through planning is necessary. Contact your local fire department or a restoration service to discuss other prevention tips specific to your building.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover After a Fire?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Your renter's insurance policy can help you replace your belongings after an apartment fire

What Does Renters Insurance Cover After a Fire?

If you lease an apartment in Daybreak, UT, you probably have a renters insurance policy. Yet it is sometimes confusing exactly what the policy covers.
In general, your landlord's coverage will pay for any fire damage to the apartment building itself. Meanwhile, a renters policy pays for harm to the items within the apartment. The policy may also cover:

  • Medical payments
  • Loss of use
  • Liability

Apartment Contents
Fire is considered a covered peril in nearly all circumstances. Your insurance claim should thus be accepted even if the fire resulted from your negligence.
As long as you did not purposely start the fire, your policy will help you pay for any personal property damaged by the blaze. You can also use the insurance money to help pay for fire restoration services.
Double-check your renter's insurance policy to make sure it pays the replacement cost rather than the actual value of destroyed items. After all, your furniture likely depreciated since you bought it.

Liability and Medical Payments
A fire may not just destroy your home. It could affect neighboring apartments, as well. Your renter's policy should have liability coverage for any third parties who suffer property damage as a result of the blaze.
Similarly, your insurance can cover the costs of some medical bills your neighbors or guests experience due to the fire. This medical payments coverage is typically small, but it could help if someone suffers a minor sprain or strain while escaping the apartment.
Loss of Use
After the fire, you may have to temporarily move out of your apartment and into a hotel. Your insurance should cover this additional expense, as well.
Your renter's insurance policy can help you replace your belongings after an apartment fire. It may even pay for fire cleanup services. You should thus be sure to make your insurance payments on time and keep your coverage up to date.

Home Care: How to Trouble a Chirping Smoke Detector

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

Changing battery to a smoke detector Remember to change batteries on a yearly basis

How to Trouble a Chirping Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are trusty devices that have stood the test of time. Despite being lifesavers, they are also dirt cheap, and some cities such as Daybreak, UT, give them out for free. However, a faulty fire alarm can produce an irritating chirping (or beeping) sound that won’t go away until you do something about it.
Common causes of chirping in a smoke detector include:

  • Loose or dead battery
  • Environmental factors such as humidity and steam
  • An obstructed sensor

Battery Issues

The battery chamber should be your first suspect when troubleshooting a chirping fire alarm. The problem could be an open battery drawer, obstructed terminal or a dead battery.
First, turn off the power at the circuit breaker then release the detector from its wall bracket. Scrub the battery terminals properly then reassemble it for testing. If the problem persists, consider changing the battery.

Environmental Factors

Sometimes, smoke detectors act up when exposed to extreme humidity and steam. Maybe the device is too close to a wet area such as a bathroom or kitchen. Whatever the reason, this is a professional level situation. Don’t just disconnect the device and hope everything will be okay. It is better to let an expert diagnose the problem. That will bring peace of mind, and also go a long way in preventing fire and smoke damage.

Obstruction in the Sensing Chamber

Newer smoke detectors will chirp if the sensor is obstructed by dirt and debris. Cobwebs are the most common obstruction, and removing them is easy.
First, disconnect the device from power. Then take a blower, similar to those used in cleaning keyboards, and use it to remove any debris in the device’s vents. Generally speaking, cleaning your smoke detectors makes them more responsive and can even prevent expensive fire damage.
As a homeowner in Daybreak, UT, having some basic fire alarm maintenance skills will put money back in your pocket and save you from headaches. All you need is a screwdriver, spare batteries and a small blower to do a full service an all your detectors.

Does Insurance Require Emergency Board Up Services?

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

A broken window A broken window on your house after a disaster strikes needs to be taken seriously and addressed without delay

It is not uncommon to deal with broken house windows after experiencing a fire, storm, or another type of emergency. If windows cannot immediately be fixed and other repairs need to be made to the structure of your house, you will need to seek board up services in Bluffdale, UT, to prevent more damage from occurring. What many people do not know is that not addressing broken windows can lead to issues with receiving coverage from insurance. Continue reading to learn why your insurance might require you to have your home boarded up.

Why You Might Need Board Up Services

Board up services are needed any time your windows are damaged, leaving your home vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and possible vandals. Your windows might need to be boarded up for any of the following reasons:

  • Fire damage and extreme heat caused windows to shatter
  • Firefighters and other emergency professionals broke windows to enter your home
  • Large hailstones or debris crashed through windows in a storm

How to Maintain Insurance Coverage

Depending on the type of emergency you are faced with, your homeowners insurance policy may provide coverage that can cover the cost of professional remediation services, temporary housing, and lost belongings. While the immediate issues caused by hailstorms, wind, storm damage, or fire damage are often covered, you will likely not receive full payment for problems due to negligence after the disaster is over. If insurance learns that your windows were broken and you failed to fix them, you may not be compensated for any additional problems that arise as a result. Using emergency board up services shows you did what you could to prevent further harm.
A broken window on your house after a disaster strikes needs to be taken seriously and addressed without delay. To quickly protect your home’s interior and ensure you receive full coverage from insurance, always make sure to seek emergency board up services as soon as possible.

What You Need To Know About Fire Alarms

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

Photoelectric smoke detector A photoelectric one detects smoke damage

You may not think much about the smoke alarms in your South Jordan, UT, home. Yet these tiny detectors can alert you to a small blaze before it spreads. You can then stop the flames before they necessitate a major fire cleanup. Below are some tips for proper fire alarm usage.

Install the Correct Number of Smoke Detectors

The number of smoke alarms you need in your home depends on the size of the house. To prevent serious fire damage, you should have one alarm outside each sleeping area and inside each bedroom. There should also be at least one detector on every floor of the house. That means that a three-bedroom, two-story home requires a minimum of five detectors.
While this may seem like an expensive investment, that is not the case. A typical fire alarm costs between six and 20 dollars. Many local fire departments will even give smoke detectors away for free. Firefighters may help you install them throughout your home, as well.
You don't have to worry about all of these smoke alarms cramping your style, either. Smaller detectors are available with stainless steel or wood grain finishes to match the rest of your home.

Change Your Detectors Each Decade

A fire detector has a lifespan of eight to 10 years. It can wear down and become less effective over time. You should thus replace each device at least once a decade.

Use Both Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarms

An ionization fire alarm is best at sensing fast-moving blazes, while a photoelectric one detects smoke damage. Since you do not know which kind of fire will erupt in your house, you should either utilize both types of detectors or purchase alarms with ionization and photoelectric sensors.
Fire damage cleanup can be an expensive and stressful process, even if you have the help of emergency restoration professionals. That is why you should buy and maintain the proper number of smoke detectors in your home.

Smoke Alarms: All You Need To Know

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Ionization alarm

Top Three Things You Should Know About Smoke Alarms

Most homeowners in Draper, UT, believe they are protected against the threat of a fire. They think they have working smoke detectors and perhaps even a practiced fire escape plan. However, there are more factors involved in keeping your family safe from fire damage and the costs associated with fire restoration cleanup. Here are the top three things you need to know before your home is fully protected.

1. Fire Alarm and its Expiration Date

Virtually everyone knows that batteries expire and need to be replaced. You have probably heard the recommendation that you replace the batteries twice a year when the time changes, which is a great best practice. However, did you know that the actual fire alarm can expire as well? They typically only last between eight and ten years. If you have lived in your home for longer than that, it is probably time to replace them.

2. Types of Smoke Detectors

There are actually two different types of smoke detectors. Ionization alarms are more common and sound more quickly when the fire has high flames and moves quickly. A photoelectric alarm sounds more quickly in response to smoky and hotter fires. The experts recommend having both types in a household.

3. Rooms That Should Have Smoke Alarms

Did you know that every bedroom should have its own smoke alarm, both inside and in the hallway outside of it? Each separate floor, including basements, should also have them. If you have a larger home, you should have several on each floor.
Make it a point to update each fire alarm in your home. Check your house to make sure every bedroom and area has one, and make sure you have both types. It is a small investment, especially compared to the cost of cleaning up fire or smoke damage. The peace of mind you’ll have and potential lives saved is priceless.

Fighting Smoke and Odor Damage After a Commercial Fire

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Thermal foggers can send cleaning vapors into tiny crack and crevices where smoke can hide

Three Methods to Combat Smoke and Odor Damage After a Fire

After a fire at your commercial building in  Daybreak, UT, there is often a long list of tasks you must take care of before you can reopen your business and get your company back in operation. If there was no structural damage to your building, removing the water may be foremost on your mind, but once the water is gone, what about the smoke cleaning and terrible odors that penetrated everything during the fire? Contact a professional team of fire remediation and restoration specialists to quickly remove the smoke damage and stains. Here are three of the methods they may use to combat the odoriferous problem.

Air Filtration

With the use of specialize screens, an air filtration system can actually scrub the air and remove lingering odors. The unit works by pulling the dirty, smoke filled air into the machine with a powerful fan. The air is then passed through a filter that removes the smoke odor and cleans the air. Once the offensive particles are removed, the clean air is returned into the room. To make sure the filters are especially effective, they are often filled with specially treated charcoal.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone treatments do smoke cleaning by using a machine that sends a thick layer of ozone into the room to cover everything the huge oxygen molecules can reach. As the odors and ozone meet, oxidation occurs that chemically alters the problem smoke. This process can also disinfect problematic areas.

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers can send cleaning vapors into tiny crack and crevices where smoke can hide. By sending heated deodorizer out into the room as a foggy vapor, the large cleaning particles can chemically attach themselves to the molecules of the smoke and soot that filled the room in hidden or hard to reach areas. The fog can also permeate many solid items that may have absorbed the fire’s smoke.

By using one of the above three methods, a professional team can quickly remove persistent odors after a fire in your commercial building. Once the smoke cleaning is done, you can then get your building open and your company back in business.

Don't Panic! Control Your Kitchen Fire

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Keeping a fire extinguisher handy in your home is a powerful defense against fire damage

When flames break out in your home, a convenient fire extinguisher can mean the difference between extensive fire damage and a cautionary tale you tell your friends and family. One of the most common fires in the home is a kitchen fire. These may take a variety of forms:

  • Grease fires
  • Fires from uncleaned ovens
  • Flames from food in the cooking coils

Although you probably have plenty of water close at hand, it is a mistake to throw water onto your appliances. Additionally, putting water on a grease fire could quickly cause serious burns and injuries to anyone near the flames.

Where To Install Extinguishers

Keeping a fire extinguisher handy in your home is a powerful defense against fire damage and injury. Put one in your kitchen, keep one in the garage, and stash an extinguisher in your shop. You should have one of these life-saving devices anywhere there is risk of combustion. If you're not sure which type of extinguisher to buy, talk to local officials or fire remediation and cleanup professionals.

How To Use the Device

Once you have the extinguishers in your home, make sure you know how to use them with the simple PASS acronym:

  • PULL the pin. This is at the top of the canister.
  • AIM at the base of the fire. In a kitchen fire, this may be directly at a pan of food or inside the oven.
  • SQUEEZE the handle. There may be a lever or button near the handle. If you're not sure where to find this, ask a professional before you have to use the device.
  • SWEEP from side to side.

In the heat of the moment, you may struggle to remember how to operate the extinguisher. One way to avoid this is to practice each step. Pretend to pull the pin and then follow through the rest of the steps. If you run through the steps while your fire alarm is beeping, it may help you handle the routine while in a heightened state of stress.

Get Answers

The fire extinguisher is a critical element of fire safety for your home. Make sure you're prepared to keep your West Jordan, UT, home safe with more education and routine practice.

Fire Damage Restoration in West Jordan, Utah

4/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in West Jordan, Utah

To be clear, a fire is devastating and the loss it presents can be overwhelming; however, there are several steps you can take that will make the fire damage process easier such as contacting your homeowner’s insurance company. Water damage from fire can make the cleanup more laborious. Fire damage in Utah can be handled by a professional restoration company.

Your homeowner’s insurance company will work with you to help you understand your options and assist you in finding a reputable fire restoration service.

Smoke damage adds even more to the cost of cleanup. Fire cleanup can take time; however, a restoration company can do it in less time.

In addition, companies that are referred by your insurer are likely to have good connections with quality engineers, contractors and architects who will to their best to successfully restore your home. Fire damage can be expensive. Talk with your insurance agent about water damage from fire.

Most importantly, another step is to find out when it is safe to go back into your home. Once you are permitted to go back into your home, wear protective clothing like shirts with long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and shoes or boots with strong, rubber soles.

Find out how a company in Utah can help you!

  • The next step is to make up a list of everything that was damaged by the fire.
  • This list should include the receipts, brand name, purchase price, serial number and description of each item. Then, put in storage any belongings that were not damaged by the fire. Fire cleanup takes time and effort.

Another step that is very important is to get a copy of the fire report. In addition, fire reports also can be helpful when your insurer needs more information. Also, make sure you have somewhere safe to stay.

Find out about the cost of smoke damage and soot damage.

  • Most homeowner insurance companies provide additional living expense coverage.
  • In addition, because most fires in the home are caused by oversight or carelessness, there are several preventative steps that may help such as being supper careful when cooking in the kitchen.
  • Research shows that many, who cook on top of the stove, often forget or become distracted about it. The air quality of a home damaged by fire take time before it is restored to normal.

Portable electric space heaters cause many fires each year. Be sure to keep a space heater at least three feet of clear space all around it, in all directions. In addition, instead of using candles when the electricity goes out, use batteries instead. Soot damage can take extra time to clean up.

Find out about West Jordan and the services they provide.

To conclude, a fire is devastating and the loss it presents can be overwhelming. Air quality in a home that is damaged by fire often needs restitution from professional restoration company.

Find out how SERVPRO of West Jordan can help you with the services you need!

3 Tips for Proper Smoke Alarm Placement

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Test each alarm every month so that you know it's working

3 Tips for Proper Smoke Alarm Placement

One of the best ways to keep your family safe in the event of a house fire is knowing the fire exists in time to get out quickly. Therefore, proper fire alarm placement and maintenance is essential. Abiding by the following recommendations of fire protection agencies and fire restoration professionals can ensure that you and your family are alerted when you need to vacate your home.

1. Number of Detectors

One smoke detector in your home in West Jordan, UT, is not sufficient. Because the sensors can only detect problems that cause fire damage within a certain range, you need to make sure you have enough devices to cover the entire area of your home. At minimum, you should have a detector:

  • In every bedroom
  • Right outside every bedroom
  • On every level of your home

For example, a two-story home with four upstairs bedrooms should have a total of nine smoke detectors. That way, your home has a fire alarm that can sense a problem either inside each bedroom or in the upstairs hallway as well as in the common areas downstairs.

2. Type of Detectors

Not all fires are the same. Some build quickly while others linger and produce a lot of smoke damage. By installing a combination of photoelectric and ionization alarms, you can be assured that an alarm will engage no matter how the fire is moving. Some alarms are even designed to sense both types of fires.

3. Maintenance of Detectors

There are three steps for making sure your smoke alarms are working properly. Test each alarm every month so that you know it's working. Replace the batteries in each detector at least once a year. The detectors themselves typically last for at least eight years, but after that you will need to upgrade them.

A solid fire alarm system is an important part of home safety. By following these tips, you can improve your chances of getting out of your home safely if there is a fire.

Now Is the Time To Teach Your Kids How To Escape a Fire

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Practice the plan in your West Jordan, UT home

Staying warm near a fireplace can be enough of a reminder that now is the time to have a conversation with your kids about how to escape a fire in your home in West Jordan, UT. Here is some important information to include when you teach your kids safety for escaping a house fire.

Make a Plan

The first step to teach your kids how to escape a fire is to make a plan.

  1. Draw a simple map showing how to escape their bedrooms or other key areas of the house.
  2. Include a meetup location on the drawing. It should be away from the house but also have good visibility so you can see that everyone is out safely.
  3. Practice the plan and incorporate important lessons about what to do during the escape.

During the Escape

Here are some escape techniques and guidelines to help them during a fire escape situation.

  • Stay Low. Teach techniques such as rolling out of bed (instead of sitting up) and crawling to help keep kids low. Teach kids to crawl more quickly on their hands and knees, but to belly crawl if the air is hot above them. Show them how.

  • Use Doors. Show kids how to check doors to see if they are hot before opening and to close doors when they leave a room.

  • Find a Window. If trapped from an exit, teach kids safety by showing them how to open a window to escape (if low enough), or for breathing and signaling from an upper floor.

Be sure to test your fire alarm so children can hear what it sounds like. You can save lives by showing kids safety techniques to escape a fire.

A fire can be devastating, but getting everyone safely outside is the most important thing with a home fire. Stuff can be replaced. If you need help figuring out how to begin cleanup or repairs, contact a company that specializes in disaster recovery. They will have fire damage specialists to help you restore your home to the way it was before the fire.

What Does Emergency Board Up Involve?

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Board up your West Jordan,UT home

An emergency board up is one of the first steps you should take toward mitigation after a residential fire. You can board up your home with the assistance of at least one other person, but professionals may be better able to shield a residence from secondary damage and increase the likelihood that insurance will cover your claims. Here are three boarding up measures that most mitigation services take.

1. Assessing the Damage

You won't know how many sheets of plywood or tarps you will need until you assess the damage. Look for broken windows or damaged doors, holes in the roof, or missing roofing materials. Cover all of the places that expose the interior of a structure during the boarding up process.

2. Board Up Broken Windows

A fire or suppression effort can result in broken windows. Glass expands as it heats and tends to shatter before it melts. Debris or intruders can enter the site of a fire through broken windows and intensify the fire damage and any water damage caused by suppression efforts. Use plywood to seal damaged windows or doors and restrict access until mitigation and restoration are complete.

3. Tarping Over a Leaky Roof

Tarping over a roof can prevent water from working its way into the interior of a damaged structure. Cover penetrations with plywood first to provide an additional layer of protection. The tarp should extend one inch past the edge of the roof. Use screws to secure the tarp and prevent it from blowing off before repairs are underway.

You can follow these steps yourself, but it may take two or more people to board up a structure. Keep in mind that a residence that has suffered fire damage may not be structurally sound. Protect yourself and your property by hiring a mitigation company in West Jordan, UT to provide an emergency board up.

Clean Your Dryer Often to Prevent Fire Trouble

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Dryers are great at what they do, but they use lots of heat to do their job. Luckily, the its systems are set up in a way that the heat is properly redistributed and managed. When there is a problem, however, the dryer will overheat and potentially start a fire. By regularly cleaning out the vent, you can keep your machine fully functional while reducing the risk of a lint fire.

Understanding the Heating Mechanism of Your Dryer.

There are multiple components that affect a dryer’s heat redistribution:

• Blower to move air through the clothes and vent
• Exhaust duct to release warm air
• Heating elements to control temperature using thermostats
• Lint trap to collect loose fabric particles that can clog the exhaust
• Power supply to turn gas or electricity into heat and power

If any of these components become defective or clogged, a dryer fire can occur.

Keeping Your Dryer Clear of Danger.

Maintenance is necessary to keep your dryer functional. To stop a lint fire, you should prevent lint from clogging the exhaust. This is done by regularly emptying the lint trap so that it can continue to accumulate lint. This should be done each drying cycle for maximum efficiency and safety.

The exhaust in the back of the dryer should be inspected for damage or restriction. If there is a buildup of lint around the back of the machine, it should be removed as soon as possible to stop it from igniting.

The exhaust should be cleaned every few months or when the dryer feels overheated when doing laundry. Using a special snaking brush tool available in cleaning kits, all of the lint and other buildup can be removed to allow proper flow.

Keeping Your Dryer Clear of Danger.

A dryer can malfunction and cause a fire with or without warning. If fire does unfortunately occur, a company specializing in fire damage can restore your home. By acting on any warning signs of defective heat redistribution, you keep your West Jordan, UT, residence protected from a lint fire.

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10 Key Fire Safety Tips

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Before and after pictures of fires in West Jordan, UT

According to statistical data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2016 on estimated 1,375,500 fires were responded to in the United States. These blazes caused 2,855 deaths and 16,500 civilian injuries while costing more than $12.4 billion in damage.

Though some fires are unavoidable acts of nature or unpredictable accidents, many fires in the home and workplace are avoidable. The following tips, courtesy of the NFPA, can help reduce the likelihood of a fire in your business or home.

  1. Watch your cooking - Stay in the kitchen if you are frying, grilling or broiling food. Never allow young children around the stove or oven, especially if they are not closely attended.
  2. Give space heaters space - Keep space heaters at least three feet from anything that can burn.
  3. Smoke outside - If you must smoke inside, have a sturdy, deep ashtray. Never smoke in bed.
  4. Keep matches and lighters out of reach - Keep matches and lighters in high cabinets, preferably under a hild lock.
  5. Inspect electrical cords - Replace cords that are cracked, damaged, have broken plugs or have loose connections.
  6. Be careful when using candles - Keep candles at least one foot from anyting that can burn. Blow them out before you leave the room or go to sleep.
  7. Have a fire escape plan - Make a fire escape plan and practice it at least twice a year.
  8. Install smoke alarms - Install alarms on every level of your office or home and inside bedrooms. Interconnect them so they all sound at once. 
  9. Test smoke alarms - Test alarms once per month. Replace batteries once per year or as needed.
  10. Install sprinklers - Sprinklers can help maintain and sometimes even extinguish fires, giving your local fire department a better chance of saving your property.

SERVPRO of West Jordan have handled dozens of smoke and fire claims. With our loarge loss capabilities we can handle jobs from a stove fire to rebuilding an entire home or office lost to fire damage.

You can save your home from a lot damage by putting aside a little bit of time to do these ten steps. We've seen a lot of damages that could be avoided and we hope these help in keeping your home safe.

How To Restore Your Home Post-Fire

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In West Jordan, UT, there are quick and easy steps every homeowner and renter can take to begin cleaning the home. While you should wait to clean any surfaces or items thoroughly until a restoration professional has surveyed and tested the space, here is what you can do right away to decrease smoke damage.

1. Purify the Air

The first task is to replace the HVAC filters to help clean the air in your home. Other ways to begin this process is to allow air to circulate by opening windows and to wipe down any houseplants so they can also aid in purifying the air. For more persistent odor, placing a bowl of white vinegar in the room may reduce the smoke smell. These are small actions to take that can make a big difference in the time leading up to a professional reaching the site.

2. Cleaning of Soot To Reduce Damage

Soot coating the walls and floors add to the odor from smoke damage. Soot and smoke cleaning should be postponed until a professional technician is on-site to care for these tasks personally. However, a light gloss of oil or petroleum jelly on chrome can prevent further soot damage.

3. Limit Foot Traffic

Minimizing movement through the house keeps soot and smoke stains from being ground into the carpets and rugs. The key to reducing the damage in your home is to decrease contact with the stains and stagnant air, so lay down protective coverings in areas where you need to walk. This also helps to prepare for when a survey of the area is done by a professional.

Experiencing a fire in your home can be daunting, but taking these simple steps against smoke damage can make restoring the space easier. Your safety is most important so, while you can take action to clean your home, consulting a professional is likely to ensure the safest restoration possible.

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How to Remedy Commercial Fire Damage

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After the fire truck leaves, there’s Fire Damage to deal with.

Many owners assume that a fire suppression system is all that’s needed. However, once a fire occurs, it’s important to know how to overcome the damage.

Clean After the Fire Truck Leaves

The moment the fire truck leaves, businesses are left with fire damage. Some of it could have happened from the fire hose and what a firefighter had to do. Some of it is as a result of a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system.

Many businesses don't realize the commercial fire damage is so extensive until after a firefighter leaves. It takes a lot to get an electrical fire or utility room fire under control, especially if it has the opportunity to spread.

Although a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system is designed to keep the fire under control, there are often external factors that can cause it to spread. This will lead to more fire damage, including soot damage and smoke damage.

Identify All Fire Damage

All of the commercial fire damage has to be identified. This means cleaning up the mess that a fire hose caused in order to see the smoke damage, soot damage, and other things left behind.

Some of the cleanup might be done with a firefighter still on premises. However, most damage is easier to see once the fire truck leaves. It's because there is now the knowledge that the fire hose won't need to spray anything else down. The fire hose sends water out at such a force that it not only adds water to everything but can also splinter wood.

When the commercial fire damage is recorded from what happened in a utility room fire, electrical fire, or elsewhere, its' them possible to get a plan together for fire restoration.

Document Damage

In many instances, commercial fire damage can be reported to insurance. In order for this to happen, the claim needs to identify smoke damage, soot damage, and more. A firefighter will often be able to explain the reason for the fire, which is used in the claim. Further, it might be necessary to report whether the fire suppression or fire sprinkler system was working.

A fire restoration company will be able to report the damage. This includes taking photos of the damage as a result of an electrical fire or utility room fire. If there is a lot of soot damage or smoke damage, the photos will be taken to illustrate it all.

The goal in documenting the fire and other damage is to paint a picture to the insurance company of what happened.

Restore the Building

Whether there was a utility room fire, electrical fire, or another fire, it's important to get the building restored. There will be items that have been burnt to the point that they need to be removed. there will also be items that were damaged when the fire sprinkler system came on.

A fire restoration plan will address what needs to be repaired, replaced, and rebuilt. This could take weeks or even months to carry out in its entirety. Businesses need to understand all that can happen in a fire and how the restoration process takes a variety of steps to complete.

Overall, the best thing that a company can do after experiencing a fire is to call professionals. A fire restoration company will be able to board up, assess the damage, document the damage, and carry out the complete investigation. It will make it easier to remedy the fire damage so that the building can be utilized once more.
Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is not only useful in ensuring that businesses and homes are in great shape, but it also provides a habitable environment. Fire in business or home can cause immense damage if it's not properly handled. Therefore, business owners and homeowners need to seek the help of restoration experts who are knowledgeable and understand the risks involved in the fire cleanup and commercial fire damage restoration. This way, you will be assured of quality and professional services, especially when it comes to managing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

Here are a few areas that will require the help of a commercial fire damage restoration company:

Flooding and water damage

The property owners' primary concern is the damage caused by fire in a business or home that is usually accompanied by soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. It's important to note that water damage mitigation and board up services are still of great importance. When putting out the fire in a home or business, the water used will get into different items and areas of your house, which means that you will be dealing with a huge mess from water damage as well.

Also, the water damage spreads faster even after putting out the fire in a business or home, and it's therefore important to get in touch with a water damage expert as soon as possible. Also, there is the need for efficient fire cleanup and proper drying of wood items in your home or business as well as other flooring types such as vinyl and tile to avoid further damage. The restoration company will take your through every step.


The fire in business or home clean up emergencies is always a multifaceted problem, and it's important that your home or business is safe before anyone can re-enter. That's why you should seek the help of board up expert's to ensure that the property's interior, roof, and foundation is in great shape and that you wouldn't have to worry about any security concerns during the restoration process after fire damage.

Smoke damage

Whether you are dealing with fire in home damage or commercial fire damage, the soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell will always be of great concern. However, with the help of a restoration company the smoke and soot damage resulting from the fire in a home and any other structural damage can be dealt with easily. Qualified fire damage restoration experts will ensure that the cleanup exercise is done in the right way since the smoke damage can leave a black residue all over the personal items, walls, and flooring which can be difficult to deal with. What's more, you can still seek the help of a restoration company or a board up services to get rid of any remaining debris and smoke smell.

Mold growth after fire damage

If water damage is left unattended, it could lead to serious problems such as the growth of mildew and mold. Whether the fire cleanup is as a result of commercial fire damage or fire in a home, if you don't have a proper mitigation solution in place, then the mold growth can lead to serious health complications. However, by seeking the help of a restoration company you wouldn't have to worry about such concerns.

Fire damage

The only mitigation factor to commercial fire damage is seeking the help of a qualified fire damage restoration company. Seeking the help of such experts will help in managing fire in a home or business as well as the resulting soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Fire damage can render homeowners temporary homeless and business owners out of business, but they can be at peace knowing that there is a team that can offer them fire cleanup and commercial fire damage response services whenever they are in need. Security is also of great concern and board up experts can create temporary fencing to prevent looters.
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How To Recover After a Fire

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How To Recover After a Fire

Are you a victim of fire damage and have no idea about what steps to take next for fire cleanup?

You're not alone. US fire departments report that there are more than 300,000 fires in year. Unfortunately, not only is this event devastating, it is an extremely costly and unexpected event. Fire damage can cost homeowners around $10,000 or more for fire cleanup and even more if you experience commercial fire damage.

Because this fire damage restoration is expensive and potentially dangerous, it is recommended that if you have experienced fire damage, you should hire a restoration company to take care of this taxing process.

There are many reasons to hire a fire restoration company to repair your property.

If not handle correctly, the expenses of cleaning a fire can multiply the longer that you wait.

A fire damage restoration company knows the correct procedures and have the right equipment to take care of your property. Whether you have commercial fire damage or a fire in your home, it is important that the right steps be take to ensure you have low repair costs.

Some of the potential problems that you will face after a fire will include:

Soot damage: Because of its acidic nature, soot damage can cause numerous problems if you have a fire in your business or home.

If you have a fire in your home, it is important to call a restoration company immediately to avoid deterioration of your home interior. After several minutes, porous materials will start to turn color from the ash residue. If you have appliances and metals located within the affected area, soot damage can potentially cause them to rust or yellow within a few hours.

For fires in your business, it is extremely important to call for fire cleanup immediately to avoid the ash seeping into your equipment, carpets and walls. You should also turn off your HVAC system to prevent ash from spreading throughout the building.
If not handled properly, soot can potentially cause skin irritations and eye infections for anyone that comes in contact with the ash residue.

Solution: Call your local fire restoration company to clean your home or facility immediately. Your insurance company should be able to recommend a good cleaner. For fire in homes, they should be able to clean any upholstery, walls and appliances, as well as carpets.

If you have commercial fire damage, be sure to have the company vacuum and decontaminate your HVAC system. They should also be able to perform document restoration procedures after fires in businesses for any documents that may have been damaged by soot damage and ash residue.

Smoke damage: Having smoke damage is a complicated issue to take care of because the longer you delay in fire cleanup, the more smoke smells will seep into your furnishings and sheet rock.

For smoke damage after a fire in your home, it is important that you deodorize you home to prevent persistent smoke smells. Some common methods that are used for fire damage restoration are ozone treatments and thermal fogging. Ozone generators eliminate smoke smells using an electrical current and thermal fogging destroys the molecules causing the odors.

For fires in your business, getting rid of smoke damage is important to avoid reoccurring smells that offend your customers. Not only do you need the restoration company to use special detergents to neutralize the smoke smell, you may need to have them encapsulate any items that have a film on them caused by ash.

Destruction to property - Unfortunately, if you experienced extensive fire damage, you may need to have your windows and walls boarded up. By boarding up your property, you are protecting yourself from criminal acts such as theft and vandalism.

Solution: For a fire in your business or home, a good fire damage restoration service should include interior and exterior emergency repair services. Whether you have commercial fire damage or a house fire, you should be able to received controlled demolition if needed. Furthermore, they should have the proper equipment to board up the building. In addition to board up services, they may be able to do temporary roof repairs.
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Cleanup After Fire Damage Occurs is Best Handled Professionally

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Cleanup After Fire Damage Occurs is Best Handled Professionally

Fire damage isn’t just the burned items left behind after a fire in the home or fire in the business. It’s not just the fire damage left behind home and business owners deal with. It’s the soot damage, the smoke damage, and the smoke smell that linger long after a fire is put off. Fire in the home or fire in the business leaves behind more damage than people realize, and it’s imperative a professional fire damage restoration company is hired to handle fire cleanup. If fire occurs, it’s important to call a fire damage restoration company immediately.

Fire Cleanup

The benefits of fire cleanup by a fire damage restoration company are numerous. What fire leaves behind is often too much for home or business owners to clean on their own. The soot damage and the smoke damage cause more problems to occur if it’s not cleaned up quickly and efficiently. When smoke damage and soot damage are not properly cleaned, they cause corrosion and discoloration of everything in a home or business. If fire in the business causes smoke damage, it’s going to leave behind corrosion that cannot be fixed if it’s not handled correctly and quickly.

Soot damage causes the same issues on furniture, walls, floors, and other items in a home or business in which a fire has caused damage. Professional fire damage restoration is necessary because it’s what helps remove the smoke smell when fire in a home or fire in a business is put out. The smoke smell is not easy to deal with, and it’s not easy to remove without the help of professional equipment.

Fire cleanup requires ample knowledge of the industry, the damage, and it requires pros obtain a certification that allows them to become licensed to go through the fire cleanup process. It’s not always easy to handle this problem without the help of a professional, and that’s why so many people choose to handle it with the help of a professional.

Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

When professionals come into the home to clean up the soot damage, the smoke damage, and the smoke smell, they use professional equipment that’s designed to get out the ash, the soot, and the smell. This equipment cannot be purchased at the local home improvement store. Fire damage cannot be washed out with soap and water or other household cleaners. It can’t be washed out of clothes or other fabrics without special cleaning solutions, and it must be handled accordingly.

The smell of smoke can linger for months following fire in the home or fire in the business. The smell gets into every corner, every nook, and every small part of any home or business from the vents to the wallpaper in the bathrooms. It’s impossible to remove without equipment specially designed. It’s just as important when the problem is commercial fire damage. Commercial fire damage might not include as much furniture or even carpeting, but it does get into machines and equipment. It’s difficult to remove without help.

Many items affected in commercial fire damage, fire in the business, or fire in the home can be restored if they aren’t burned. If the damage is just soot, ash, water, or even smoke, many items can be put back together, properly cared for, and restored to their original glory. This might not happen if household cleaning products and a normal approach to cleaning is used.

The reason everyone should call for professional help following a fire is to get things handled quickly and efficiently. Everything in the home or office stands a much better chance at restoration and at being returned to families or offices if it’s handled by those who know what can be used on it and have the correct machines to handle this kind of work. It’s not always easy to clean up after fire damage at home, at work, or commercial fire damage, but it’s easier when it’s done correctly.
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The Impact of Fire Damage on Your Property

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The Impact of Fire Damage on Your Property

Fire damage can have a detrimental impact on a person's life. Whether there is a fire in home, or a fire in business, fire loss can be heart breaking. Soot damage and smoke damage can ruin so much of a person's home. Not only is the fire itself terrible and devastating, but the actual fire cleanup can be awful as well. If a fire has recently occurred and caused commercial fire damage, or if the fire damage occurred due to a fire in home, this article is here to help you determine the best ways to address the aftermath.

First before any fire damage cleanup can occur it's important to make sure that the fire in home or the fire in business is no longer a safety risk, especially if there was commercial fire damage. The local fire department can determine whether there is still a health risk in returning to clean up the fire damage, the soot damage, or the smoke damage that has occurred. Fire loss is no laughing matter and should be addressed safely and carefully.

Once you have had the notification that it's now safe to enter your home to start the cleanup process, the actual soot damage, smoke damage, and amount of fire loss can be appraised. This can help to get the fire cleanup process settled so that you know the extent of the damage and make a plan to combat the fire damage. Before anything it's important to start to air out the building, whether the damage was from a fire in home, or a fire in business. This will help the air quality and allow the process of the cleanup of the soot damage or smoke damage to begin.

To start cleaning the soot damage and smoke damage it is absolutely crucial to make sure the air quality is fine before you begin, because too much smoke can have a detrimental impact on your health. To begin this fire cleanup from the fire in home, fire in business, or commercial fire damage, you will need protective gear such as rubber gloves and eye protection. A bucket and sponge will also be needed so that the soot damage can be scrubbed off from the walls. There are cleaning solutions that are available commercially to help you with this project. To make extra sure that the air quality is suitable it may be necessary to open a window. This is to ensure the air quality is not impacted by any residual smoke, and the air quality is not impacted by the cleaning agents being used.

After the walls have been cleaned the fire cleanup from other areas can begin. Now the fire loss impact must be determined, and the items from the fire loss must be cleaned or discarded if they are beyond repair. This fire cleanup hopefully will not be too substantial, but it may be. If there is a large scale of destruction it may be a better idea to call professionals who can evaluate the damage and clean the mess for you. However, even if there was a fire in business or commercial fire damage you may be able to take care of the situation yourself by removing the soot from the commercial fire damage with a vacuum cleaner and rags. Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Repair A West Jordan, Utah Home After A Fire

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How To Repair A West Jordan, Utah Home After A Fire

West Jordan, Utah homeowners may hire a fire cleanup company at any time to ensure their home may be repaired. The fire damage may be quite bad, and the homeowner must call someone at once to keep the house from falling apart at the seams. This article explains how air quality is impacted, and there is a look at what may be done to remove soot damage and smoke damage from the home. The homeowner will see quite a lot of bad things when the fire is put out, and they must put their faith in a company that will clear everything up.

#1: What Damage Is There?

Fire damage, water damage from fire, soot damage and smoke damage must be removed from the home as soon as possible, and the response team will use professional equipment to clean up the house. Water damage from fire is often the worst thing to clean because it involves mold and mildew growth that may occur because of the way the fire was put out. The house may be repaired, but any standing water will allow mold or mildew to continue growing behind the walls. Someone who has concerns about mold and mildew must ask to be assured that the house has been dried properly.

#2: Testing Air Quality

The air quality in the house must be tested as soon as possible, and the tests will reflect how much progress has been made. Someone who is searching for a simpler way to make the house comfortable to live in, and the tests for quality of air will show how much cleaning has been done. The cleaning process will not stop until the cleaning company knows the house has been rendered spotless.

#3: Fire Cleanup Scheduling

West Jordan, Utah homeowners must schedule their cleanup services as soon as possible, and they will find it quite simple to ensure the house will be safe to live in. The safety of the family is of the utmost importance, and the people who move into the house will notice that the air feels much cleaner. The dirt and debris in the house must be removed, and the air ducts must be cleaned to ensure that it will not force bad air into the house.

#4: Waiting For The Work To Be Done

The work that is done around the house, and there are many things that may cause problems for the work crew. The work crews that are on the site must ensure they are getting around the weather, and the weather will make it difficult for the company to get the work done quickly. The scheduling must be done by the company given the course of action they wish to take, and someone who wishes to make their house safer must hire the cleanup company to get work started.

Work that is done on the house may begin today, and someone who wants to recover their home after a fire tears through the structure and puts out the family. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Damage and Restoration

6/17/2016 (Permalink)

When your home is damaged by fire and needs restoration feel free to call SERVPRO of West Jordan for your home restoration needs. Once fire damage has affected your home, you will need to contact SERVPRO of West Jordan to inspect and walk you through the claims process. Hiring a home restoration specialist will save time, money and stress which is why it is very important to hire a professional. SERVPRO of West Jordan takes fire damage very seriously and can help you with your needs, but most importantly with the highest quality service. With honest professionals and a team that will complete the project with outstanding service; SERVPRO of West Jordan will tackle the problem "Like it never even happened". If you have fire damage that has affected your home and would like to hire a professional service and team to assist you, call SERVPRO of West Jordan to schedule an appointment at 1-801-282-6366. 

Avoid Holiday Hazards

12/4/2015 (Permalink)

Did you Know? December is the peak time of year for home candle fires.

Candles, pretty lights and decorations are just a few of the items that add to the charm and cheer of the holiday season—however, if they are not used carefully your holidays may go from festive to frightening very quickly.

Review the following simple safety tips, provided by the National Fire Protection Association, to greatly reduce the fire risk in your home or business this holiday season. 

* Two out of five home decoration fires are started by candles. Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that burns. 

* Use sturdy candle holders that are not likely to tip over and place candles on clear, uncluttered surfaces. Consider using flameless candles instead of real candles.  

* Make sure your tree and decorations are at least three feet away from heat sources like fi replaces, radiators, space heaters, candles or heat vents.

* Make sure you have the correct type of lights for your desired decor. Some lights are designed for only indoor or outdoor use, but not both. 

* Carefully inspect light strands before placing them. Replace any string of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections. Connect no more than three strands of light sets. 

* Remember to turn off outside decorative lights and Christmas tree lights before leaving or going to bed.

* Get rid of your tree after Christmas or when it is dry. Dried-out trees are a fire danger and should not be left in the home or garage, or placed outside against the home. Check with your local community to find a recycling program. 

* Bring outdoor electrical lights inside after the holidays to prevent hazards and make them last longer.

SERVPRO West Jordan, South Jordan, and Draper Professionals wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Thanksgiving Feast!

10/30/2013 (Permalink)

Whether you are preparing a quick dinner for two or a lavish Thanksgiving spread, lets stay safe and enjoy this time together.

"Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires and home fire-related injuries in the United States. In fact, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) says, there are nearly 4,300 fires on Thanksgiving Day. That’s more than double the daily average for residential fires.

The leading cause of Thanksgiving Day fires is food left unattended while cooking."

SERVPRO Newsline, Volume 24, Issue 11