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Winterizing Your Home

11/4/2016 (Permalink)

Fall and winter are right around the corner! Get prepared to experience any water, flood or fire damage that may occur throughout your home. It is common in Utah during the fall and winter that you will need to call a professional to fix your housing problems. Also during the fall and winter you may experience pipes or water softeners freezing which may cause flooding. Keep your pipes and plumbing areas from freezing and call SERVPRO of West Jordan and we will make the job look “like it never even happened”.


10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Deodorization is an important concept in the cleaning process that we use here at SERVPRO. It is common to use deodorization throughout the aftermath regarding smoke damage. There are two deodorization processes that we commonly use here at SERVPRO of St. George which is thermal fog and ozone. Thermal fogging is used in smoke damaged homes and hard to reach spaces.   When oxygen, O2, passes through an ozone machine, some of the molecules are split resulting in free oxygen atoms. These free atoms combine back with intact O2 molecules resulting in O3, which is ozone. Give SERVPRO of St. George a call for any deodorization questions. "Like it never even happened"

Duct Cleaning In West Jordan Utah

7/15/2016 (Permalink)

There are two types of duct cleaning, negative pressure and contact cleaning. SERVPRO of West Jordan performs both of these processes depending on the situation they are dealing with. Negative pressure duct cleaning would be performed in older homes. This is due to brittle duct lines. However SERVPRO of West Jordan performs contact cleaning on a majority of residential and commercial properties. Contact cleaning is the process of a roto brush with an extraction unit. During both processes SERVPRO of West Jordan cleans the registers and return air cover. Then each duct line is disinfected.  Then the final step is evaluating and cleaning up any light dust that might occur. If you are in need of duct cleaning in West Jordan Utah or the surrounding areas call SERVPRO of West Jordan (801) 282-6366 trusted leader in the restoration industry.

Meet Our Owner!

9/4/2015 (Permalink)

Brad Tatom and his wife, Susan Tatom.

                         Meet Our Owner - Biography of Bradley Tatom

Brad has been in business for most of his adult life. He graduated from the University of California in Davis with a Bachelor of Science degree, and subsequently, owned and operated a contracting business for approximately 15 years in California. He currently holds contractor’s licenses in Utah and Nevada.

In 2007, Brad, along with his wife and sons, opened SERVPRO of St. George, in Southern Utah to focus on disaster cleanup.Together, the family used the resources available through SERVPRO, their trainership, and hard work to be a successful SERVPRO Franchise. In 2011 they opened SERVPRO of West Jordan and in 2014 added their third franchise, SERVPRO of South Jordan/North Draper. All of these locations are readily available to handle fire damage, water damage, flood damage, mold restoration and carpet cleaning.

In 2013, Brad became LLRT (Large Loss) certified. This has enabled his franchises to be able to provide mitigation services to commercial structures such as The Marriott City Center,the Salt Lake CityTemple, Hyatt House in Sandy, and The Hale Centre Theater, just to name a few. Being able to service the whole of the state of Utah for any Large Loss has proven to be a unique and positive opportunity. 

In November of 2013 they finished construction of their 17,000 square foot building in St. George, which is located just off of the 1-15 freeway. Agents and adjusters frequently travel between Northern and Southern Utah.  We love giving tours of our facility, as it provides us an opportunity to demonstrate our capacity and our ability to mitigate any size disaster whether it be flood, fire, mold, bio hazard, or storm. Clients can walk away with confidence in us, and with the SERVPRO brand, knowing that SERVPROofWestJordan, South Jordan, North Draper, and St.George can help their customers throughout the state. 

Over the years, SERVPRO has also given Brad and his family a great opportunity to grow together and be successful together. He enjoys working with his wife and sons on a daily basis, and having a real family business is extremelysatisfying. They are a very close knit family. He and his wife have been blessed with five children and seven grandchildren. They enjoy boating, camping, sports, golf and just about anything involving the greatoutdoors.