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The Danger Flood Water Poses to Your Commercial Property

11/30/2017 (Permalink)

The Danger Flood Water Poses to Your Commercial Property

While your primary concern when there is a danger of flooding in West Jordan, Utah is most likely water damage, there is another danger that presents itself once the water level goes back down. In addition to water damage, the presences of water in your business can contaminate your walls or floor with bacteria. This may not happen with rain water, but there is the potential for sewer backup which can result in the dangerous and dreaded black water. No matter what happens, you should contact a restoration company to decontaminate the building if it ever had any water in it from the flood.

1. Clean Water

Many types of water pose no threat to your commercial property. These include water from a broken pipe or appliance malfunction. Keep in mind that clean water can still cause water damage, but you do not need to worry about bacteria infecting the building from clean water. This type of water is often called “category one”.

2. Grey Water

Category two water, or grey water, have some chemicals or materials that may pose a threat to humans. While grey water is not nearly as dangerous as water from a sewer backup, it still requires special care to ensure the space is safe to live in after the flood is over. This type of water may come from sump pump failure or seepage due to hydrostatic failure.

3. Black Water

The final kind of water that may end up in your building during a flood is by far the most dangerous. Sewer backup water has earned a reputation, and rightfully so. There is a significant threat of serious health issues if materials which have come in contact with category three water go untreated. Remember that the color of the water is not a reliable way to identify which kind of water it is, and even clean or grey water that sits for too long may be reclassified as category three water after further analysis. Visit http://www.SERVPROwestjordan.com for more information on commercial flooding.

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