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Maintaining Your Commercial Roof to Prevent Wind Damage

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

Workers performing maintenance to a commercial roof Commercial roof maintenance in West Jordan, UT

When storms come, you may worry about water and flood damage inside your commercial building in West Jordan, UT, but have you considered the potential damage that can happened on the outside? Wind damage can range from a roof leak or a loosened shingle or two to having entire sections of the roof torn away.

How To Help Prevent a Roof Leak

Luckily there are some things that can be done to minimize storm damage. Some do not take a lot of effort and some are larger undertakings, but all are important to protecting your building.

Make sure all flanges, vents and flashings are securely fastened and caulked around to prevent leaks.
Check for loose edges on shingles, corrugated metal or other roofing materials and fasten securely.
Close any gaps that birds, bats or other creatures may try to enter.
Carefully clean all rain gutters and roof drainage systems so that water flows freely and doesn’t back fill into the eaves. Drains systems at ground level should also be cleared so the water has somewhere to go and doesn’t flood a basement.

What Damage can a Leak in the Roof Do?
When a leak happens, you may not immediately notice the problem. Water can dribble or pour inside a roof, filling attics and soaking insulation. The excess weight of the water can cause ceilings to sag or water to trickle into light fixtures. This can cause electrical shorts or hazardous conditions. Essentially the same problems can arise from a broken pipe in the attic or roof area.
Water can also run down inside the walls and cause damage to sheet rock or studs. If not discovered, treated and thoroughly dried, all of these areas are potential hot beds for black mold growth. A professional water damage and storm cleanup service in West Jordan, UT, can find and clean these areas, help with flood cleanup and make the tough decisions about tear outs or necessary repairs.
Help prevent a roof leak by performing regular maintenance as described above. Keeping the water outside in the first place is the best bet.

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