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4 Ways a Plumbing Leak Might Cost You Thousands of Dollars

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

Serious flooding and pipe bursts often begin with a small water leak

There are many good arguments for regular inspection and maintenance of your commercial building’s plumbing systems. Serious flooding and pipe bursts often begin with a small water leak. In Riverton, UT, a consistent leak, even a steady drip, can add up to as much as five gallons of water per hour. That adds up over time to the tune of 60 gallons a day, 420 gallons per week, 1,680 gallons in a month and over 20,000 gallons in the coarse of a year.

The High Cost of Water Damage

Aside from the expense of the water itself, there is a cost - potentially a hefty one – to repairing damage that comes from such a water leak going unnoticed for a long period of time. A small drip can produce enough moisture and dampness to give mold a firm handhold on the wooden studs, a subfloor and even sheetrock if left unchecked. In fact few surfaces are immune to the ravages of black mold. Spores can be released into the air that then travel and set up shop in other areas.

  • Your water bills may be higher than usual
  • A minor drip may be slowing causing a buildup of mold
  • A major leak can destroy areas of your structure
  • Delayed repairs could lead to more serious, and more expensive repairs
  • Unseen leaks can also leak into lighting or other electrical systems, causing a dangerous situation for personnel

What Should Be Done to Prevent Damage

Your plumbing maintenance team needs to inspect for a hidden pipe break, a broken supply line, faulty water shutoff valves, and leaking joints on a continuous basis. Not all leaks are readily apparent but the technology of water sensors and damp meters can help make up for some of that. Keep the number of a skilled water damage remediation company close at hand in case damage is found.

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