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Preventing Mold Growth in Your Rental Properties

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Mold can develop within 48-72 hours

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Rental Properties

Commercial mold cleanup is expensive. Between mold removal and property renovation, the costs can be astronomical, depending on the level of exposure and infestation. Therefore, as a property manager and owner, it is vital to prevent the development of mold and ensure your property remains pristine, but how do you do that? By adhering to four principles.

1. Maintain Routine Inspections

Routine inspections should be maintained at all costs. While it is a good practice to walk around your property and perform regular visual checks, it is better to have professionals come out annually or biannually to inspect your roof, plumbing and HVAC. These inspections will alert you to potential issues before they evolve into significant damage and expense.

2. Repair Damage Immediately

Making small repairs as you find them is more cost-effective than having to undergo a mold removal process. While some mold issues develop out of major or catastrophic disasters, many mold issues arise because of small leaks that were neglected over long periods. Also, keep in mind that mold can develop within 48 hours of water exposure. Therefore, be proactive and make repairs as necessary.

3. Have HVAC Systems Cleaned Regularly

Your property’s HVAC system is a playground for mold development and spread. The unit is built to move air throughout the property, and it likely has several air intake vents, meaning that if mold has developed near one of these vents, spores can be sucked into the ductwork and transported throughout the building. Therefore, it is essential to clean HVAC systems regularly, preferably at every seasonal change.

4. Hire a Specialist

It is a good idea to have a mold remediation specialist in the West Jordan, UT, area on speed dial. These experts are good for more than remediation needs. They can also assess your property, helping you learn about potential risk factors and the steps you can take to prevent mold development.

Mold removal is expensive, and while it may seem that multiple inspections are unnecessary, they may be less costly than full-blown remediation and restoration. Therefore, to prevent mold growth in your rental properties, maintain inspections and seek out assessments and advice.

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