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Tips for Dealing With Water Damage

5/19/2017 (Permalink)

Tips for Dealing With Water Damage

Water damage can occur for a variety of reasons from flooding to pipes bursting. Regardless of how it happens, there are a few things that home and business owners need to know. Cleanup must be thorough or problems could result.

Water Cleanup Should be Started Immediately

Of course, getting photos and proof of the damage before the water cleanup is started is important. Call the insurance company to begin the claims process. Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage. People who live in areas that are subject to flooding will probably already have a policy that covers this type of damage.

There are water mitigation companies that specialize in removing the water in a home or water in a business quickly to prevent further problems. Extracting the water and drying everything out can necessitate using specialized equipment. Professionals have the water removal equipment, and many are available 24 hours in the case of an emergency.

There is a small window of time before mold begins to grow. Everything will need to be completely dried out within 48 hours. Once mold starts growing, it spreads rapidly. A mold remediation service is generally the only way to get rid of the mold after it begins to spread. In addition to the danger of mold, which can cause a variety of health problems, water cleanup needs to be started quickly because it can contain contaminants.

Water damage is grouped by levels:

Level One – Water that comes from a source that is clean such as a water line that feeds a dishwasher.
Level Two – Water that has come into contact with anything that contains contaminants. This water could contain bacteria that will cause people to become ill.
Level Three – Storm or flood waters or a backed up sewer is highly contaminated and cause acute illness and even death.

Although water may start out as level one, it can rapidly deteriorate to a level two or three. This is why it is so important to contact a restoration company as soon as possible.

The Water Mitigation Process

The first step in water mitigation is for specialists to assess the damage. Water in a home or water in a business can creep into HVAC systems or behind walls. The water mitigation team has detection equipment so they will know what will be involved in the drying process and what must be discarded. This process allows them to see exactly what must be done to take care of the water damage. The restoration is dependent on the extent of the damage.

There are four classes of water damage:

Class One – The water damage is the least harmful. Items have not taken on a lot of water and the cleanup will be minimal.

Class Two – Water in a home or water in a business may not be visible, but many of the items inside may require extensive cleanup.

Class Three – Walls, furniture, and other items are generally soaked and water extraction is required. Water mitigation will probably include creating a drying chamber for wet areas.

Class Four – Water restoration will be necessary. This will entail removing furniture, carpeting, and other things that have absorbed water as well as drying out items that suffered flood damage. Saturation is generally deep and the water cleanup will require a low humidity. There are specific methods used by water restoration companies for this type of flood damage.

The Right Approach is Beneficial

When there is water in a home or water in a business from flooding, it is essential to use the right procedures for removal and cleanup. It can make the difference between losing everything or having a home or building condemned. Whether flood damage is moderate or extreme, getting the situation under control is important. Often remediation will require the use of special equipment to ensure that all traces of the water is removed. Even items that did not receive damage from the water can be affected by the moisture in the air if the humidity is not controlled quickly. Visit for more information on water damage.

Sprinkler Systems And Fire Damage Restoration

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Sprinkler Systems And Fire Damage Restoration

A Complex Process

Today fire damage restoration companies furnish valuable assistance to property owners in the aftermath of a conflagration. The availability of this service may mean the difference between renovating a residence or business, or sustaining a complete loss.

Yet consumers need to appreciate assessing fire damage often involves a complex process. For instance, in some cases the destruction caused by fire in home or office settings exceeds soot damage and a lingering smoke smell; water or molten materials may contribute to the mess. The fire cleanup process potentially requires fire damage restoration firms to tackle extensive smoke damage coupled with other issues, especially in the case of commercial fire damage. A fire in business settings will usually trigger sprinkler systems designed to help suppress the blaze.

Sprinkler Systems: Pros And Cons

Sprinkler systems offer both positive and negative aspects. These systems frequently prove life-saving. Fires which might otherwise burn for extended periods of time have in some cases ended more quickly because of the presence of overhead sprinklers. The heat from flames causes sprinkler systems to activate automatically; sprinkler nozzles eject streams of water through the area. Correctly installed sprinkler systems may prevent a fire from spreading from one part of the premises to other areas under some circumstances. They also help dampen the immediate environment, sometimes helping quench fires before more extensive damage occurs. For these reasons, some fire protection professionals have urged a more extensive use of sprinkler systems in residential properties. (Most building codes already require sprinkler system installation in commercial premises.)

On the other hand, sprinkler systems do hold some drawbacks. In the past, these systems have occasionally activated prematurely, causing extensive property damage. For example, in February, 2017 a sprinkler malfunction in a public library in Wichita produced extensive water damage. Additionally, installing sprinklers increases the cost of construction. Some builder lobbying groups oppose mandating sprinkler installation in homes.

Addressing Both Fire And Water Damage

Regardless of where you stand on the fire sprinkler debate, it remains important to appreciate water damage frequently accompanies fire damage today, especially in settings involving commercial fire damage. Fire in business establishments typically sets off sprinkler systems. Most building codes mandate sprinkler use in public venues.

When businesses seek fire cleanup and fire damage restoration services, they may require assistance with several tasks. These projects include:

The stabilization of the structure
Extracting water from the premises;
Drying wet furnishings;
Removal of ruined carpeting and fixtures;
Assistance refurbishing surfaces carrying a lingering smoke smell;
Remediation of soot damage and smoke damage;
Potentially, additional services as necessary.

A fire in home settings may also necessitate water damage remediation if firefighters suppressed the blaze with water hoses.

Remove Lingering Smoke Smell Odors

The fire cleanup process sometimes involves great complexity. Yet as they contemplate the devastating effects of soot damage, smoke damage and other consequences of fire damage, property owners may gain greater peace of mind realizing they can call upon specialized fire damage restoration companies.

For instance, you may find it helpful to check if your fire insurance policy covers water damage remediation and/or fire damage and fire cleanup services. Commercial fire damage and residential fire damage both can produce heavy losses in the form of soot damage and smoke damage. A fire in home settings often requires nearly as much remediation as a fire in business settings.

An Important Service

Even when a fire in business settings or a fire in home environments produces only minor damage, the noxious smoke smell clinging to furnishings often makes remediation desirable. Today a growing number of insurers will cover some costs associated with retaining firms offering commercial fire damage cleanup assistance. Homeowners may wish to consult with an insurance agent about seeking this coverage. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Professional Mold Remediation Provides Long-Term Protection

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Professional Mold Remediation Provides Long-Term Protection

Home and property owners who mistakenly assume that water and mold damage may result in little more than a smelly odor may find themselves faced with far more extensive and costly problems then they might have imagined possible. Professional mold removal, deodorization and remediation services are often essential for ensuring that molds, mildew and fungus are able to be completely eliminated. When it comes to dealing with mold in the home, mold damage restoration and removal services may prove to be a crucial asset. Ineffective mitigation, cleanup or removal efforts may drastically increase the risk of additional problems that may develop in the days ahead.

Effective Water and Moisture Removal

Households that elect to deal with mold removal or cleanup efforts without professional assistance often fail to deal with the water or moisture intrusion which may be the underlying cause of an infestation. Even trace amounts of water and high levels of ambient humidity may lead to a fungus or mildew problem. The special tools, more powerful equipment and superior experience that only commercial mold damage restoration services may be able to bring to the table can all be essential for ensuring effective remediation, deodorization and moisture removal. Contacting the professionals at the first sign of a smelly odor or other signs of mold in the home can go a long way towards ensuring effective mitigation and successful mold damage restoration efforts.

Dealing With Damaged Materials

From furniture and personal belongings to drywall and other construction materials, identifying all instances of moisture and mold damage within the home is of critical importance for ensuring effective mitigation and cleanup. Mold removal and remediation efforts that are less than 100 percent effective may do little to prevent repeat infestations and future problems. Cleaning, restoring and even replacing surfaces that have been damaged by molds, mildew or fungus can be a difficult undertaking for those who lack the proper tools and experience. From simple deodorization to ensuring restoration and cleanup efforts remain successful in the long term, dealing with a commercial mold damage remediation service can make a world of difference for those struggling to remove mold in the home.

Taking Prompt and Effective Action

Assuming that a smelly odor may simply disappear over time or ignoring walls and ceilings that may be showing obvious signs of water damage may prove to be a very serious and costly mistake. Taking prompt action at the first sign of a problem can help to keep mold removal and cleanup costs as low as possible. Property owners who fail to call in a commercial mold damage specialist could be placing themselves at a very serious disadvantage. Addressing mold damage early on before mildew, fungus and other infestations have a chance to spread can be of the utmost importance for ensuring that mitigation and cleanup costs are able to be kept under control.

Working With the Right Service Provider

Not every contractor or service provider may be equipped to deal with the presence of mold in the home. Dealing with a contractor or service provider who may do little more than remove a smelly odor could end up being nothing short of a disaster. While effective deodorization can improve household comfort levels, service options that may fail to address the underlying cause of an infestation could find property owners faced with additional costs and future problems they would do well to avoid. When it comes to ensuring effective cleanup and ensuring mold removal efforts are successful in the long term, doing business with the wrong service provider or commercial mold damage removal option could is a mistake that no homeowner can afford to make.
Visit for more information on mold removal.

Water Damage Restoration and What You Should Know

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Restoration and What You Should Know

It can be devastating when someone experiences water damage or flood damage from water in their home, or from water in their business. Water damage restoration can be a time consuming process involving water cleanup, air movement, drying, and mitigation. Water damage and flood damage can really be such a headache! It can be hard to know what to do or how to handle water cleanup. The problem of addressing water damage in business, or water damage in home can be so lengthy and awful! This article will guide you through the process of drying, mitigation, and water damage restoration.

Water cleanup consists of firstly stopping the flow of water that is causing the flood damage and the water in home, or the water in business. Then, it's crucial to make sure that all electricity is turned off when dealing with the flood damage. It can be very hazardous for any kind of electrical wires to be near or in the water, because water acts as a conductor and this could potentially be lethal. Next, it's important to take pictures of the water in home, or the water in business.

For water damage restoration to start taking place, pictures should be taken to show the insurance company the extent of the damage so that the water cleanup can begin. Prompt mitigation is important, so that the damage from the water in home or the water in business will be limited. No one wants to deal with an extensive amount of water damage restoration because it can be so lengthy and time consuming, but if you have a sub pump, it can be used to remove the water from the area if there is an extensive amount very quickly.

Any valuables or important items should be removed promptly to aid the water damage mitigation process. Once the water has been removed, the act of drying the residual water can take place. It is important to ensure proper air movement to really make sure that the drying process is taking place effectively and quickly. The water should be removed as quick as possible so that further damage isn't done to your home or business.

To help ensure air movement, several fans can be placed around your home, or business, and can help air out the area. The fans can be borrowed from relatives, friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Another way to get air movement flowing would be to open all the doors and windows and set fans in front of them to get the air to move indoors. You can set the items that you need to air dry on tables in front of the fan, just make sure that you have some plastic under them so that the tables aren't harmed from the water dripping from your items. Be careful, and keep an eye out for any kind of mold and mildew that might need to be addressed! Visit for more information on water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Procedures

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Water Damage Restoration Procedures

It’s not uncommon for a residential or a business owner to experience some kind of water damage loss at one point in time. The type of water damage loss that the owner experiences can vary greatly from one to another. Whatever the situation or the circumstances, it is important to know that the water damage losses can be easily be controlled. Specifically, if the owner and their water cleanup representatives are familiar with the immediate steps that will need to be taken.

With that being said, here are some critical steps that will need to be followed in order to get the business up and running as soon as possible.

Turn Off Circuit Breakers and the Main Water Supply Valve to Minimize flood damage

To minimize the damage to humans, the property, and its surrounding areas, two of the first things that will need to be done is to turn off the circuit breakers and the main water supply valve. Both of which are vital in making sure no one on the property is adversely affected by an electrical surge or an electric shock. In addition to turning off the circuit breaker, the owner should also turn off the main water supply valve it turned off as quickly possible. No matter what the situation is, the water must be shut off so that the flood damage in the business will cease.

Remove Any Items From the Business to Avoid Unnecessary Water Damage via the Right kind of Drying

When an individual suspect that there is the potential for water damage mitigation in any location, one of the keys to saving money is to remove all of the furniture and other items from the business. Paintings, vital records, photos, heirlooms, and other irreplaceable items should be removed to a different area to keep down flood damage. So, anything that the owner and their family can remove to avoid further damage, it is important that everyone involved help by pitching in and cleaning out these areas.

Contact Water Damage Restoration Company for water in home and water in business mitigation

Cleaning up the area is only one of the essential keys to taking care of the water damage. Specifically, since assistance from the outside can be secured to clean up the business and restore it to a before flood damage condition. Therefore, the owner of the business and their representatives should contact a water damage restoration company to see what water in home or water in business services can be provided. For instance, the water in home and water in business crews that they send in will have access to do the following:

- Vacuuming, water cleanup, Air movement, and Drying. Use the latest water in home and water in business equipment to vacuum up all of the water
- Drying and Restoration Machinery, Air movement, and water cleanup. Drying up the water with a water damage restoration machine that will dry all of the carpeting, furniture, and other areas in the business.

By the owner and their representatives following strict water damage restoration mitigation and water cleanup guidelines to take care of these problems, the potential for water loss and air movement can be minimized. Therefore, the owner will not only save time in getting things done right away but also money in ensuring the mitigation and air movement areas have been completely cleaned and restored back to new. Visit for more information on water damage.

Tips for Fire Damage Restoration

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Tips for Fire Damage Restoration

Fire in homes or fire in business causes severe damage which devastates a family or a business owner. The process that commences immediately after a fire loss by the authorities once they consider a property to be safe is called fire damage restoration. Smoke and soot damage corrodes surfaces since it is the acid by- product of the fire in commercial fire damage. Smoke damage and soot damage is produced after a fire loss when the fire has been extinguished. Therefore, it is important to have proper techniques of fire cleanup because some steps can increase the fire damage levels and reduce air quality. The quickest action for soot damage and smoke damage is to treat it quickly before it stains the other surfaces. Smoke damage and soot damage harm surfaces, therefore, the fire cleanup process should be carried out immediately after a fire loss.

Inform the fire experts about the commercial fire damage for urgent professional help. The next step is to open all windows for smoke to be pushed out of the affected rooms and bring in good air quality. Children and pets should be moved to an environment with good air quality, preferably at a neighbor's place until the fire restoration process is over. If appliances were powered off before the fire in home or fire in business, the freezer and refrigerator should be emptied. The doors of the appliances should be left open to avoid the buildup of odors after the commercial fire damage.

After commercial fire damage, hands must be cleaned to avoid soiling the walls and upholstery. The affected persons should make an inventory list of the items in the building after the fire damage. Taking pictures of the soot damage and smoke damage areas will be useful to the insurance company and investigation authorities before a fire cleanup.

There are tasks that that are left to the fire experts after a fire loss to avoid smoldering ash and toxic gas during the fire cleanup. For example, in the case of a fire in home or fire in business, individuals should stay away from electrical appliances until they are deemed safe by the authorities for fire cleanup. Appliances like the air conditioners and other appliances after commercial fire damage should not be turned on and canned items should not be consumed if they were exposed to heat from the fire.

The walls and furniture should not be wiped or painted in a case of a fire in business or fire in home. Also, furniture should not be moved or sat on when a fire loss occurs. Degreasing is the common way of removing soot damage and smoke damage as well as to improve the air quality after commercial fire damage. Air quality reports are important for people with lung diseases, diabetes or are pregnant after fire damage. Air cleaners that do not generate ozone do not pollute the air but improve the air quality. These steps will help in preventing further fire damage when there is an outbreak of fire in business or fire in home. Visit for more information on fire damage.

The Impact of Fire Damage on Your Property

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The Impact of Fire Damage on Your Property

Fire damage can have a detrimental impact on a person's life. Whether there is a fire in home, or a fire in business, fire loss can be heart breaking. Soot damage and smoke damage can ruin so much of a person's home. Not only is the fire itself terrible and devastating, but the actual fire cleanup can be awful as well. If a fire has recently occurred and caused commercial fire damage, or if the fire damage occurred due to a fire in home, this article is here to help you determine the best ways to address the aftermath.

First before any fire damage cleanup can occur it's important to make sure that the fire in home or the fire in business is no longer a safety risk, especially if there was commercial fire damage. The local fire department can determine whether there is still a health risk in returning to clean up the fire damage, the soot damage, or the smoke damage that has occurred. Fire loss is no laughing matter and should be addressed safely and carefully.

Once you have had the notification that it's now safe to enter your home to start the cleanup process, the actual soot damage, smoke damage, and amount of fire loss can be appraised. This can help to get the fire cleanup process settled so that you know the extent of the damage and make a plan to combat the fire damage. Before anything it's important to start to air out the building, whether the damage was from a fire in home, or a fire in business. This will help the air quality and allow the process of the cleanup of the soot damage or smoke damage to begin.

To start cleaning the soot damage and smoke damage it is absolutely crucial to make sure the air quality is fine before you begin, because too much smoke can have a detrimental impact on your health. To begin this fire cleanup from the fire in home, fire in business, or commercial fire damage, you will need protective gear such as rubber gloves and eye protection. A bucket and sponge will also be needed so that the soot damage can be scrubbed off from the walls. There are cleaning solutions that are available commercially to help you with this project. To make extra sure that the air quality is suitable it may be necessary to open a window. This is to ensure the air quality is not impacted by any residual smoke, and the air quality is not impacted by the cleaning agents being used.

After the walls have been cleaned the fire cleanup from other areas can begin. Now the fire loss impact must be determined, and the items from the fire loss must be cleaned or discarded if they are beyond repair. This fire cleanup hopefully will not be too substantial, but it may be. If there is a large scale of destruction it may be a better idea to call professionals who can evaluate the damage and clean the mess for you. However, even if there was a fire in business or commercial fire damage you may be able to take care of the situation yourself by removing the soot from the commercial fire damage with a vacuum cleaner and rags. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Mold Remediation And Removal Tips

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Mold Remediation And Removal Tips

Mold, also known as Fungus, is a big threat to a person's life style and most people haven't a clue what it is or why any sane person should be concerned about this thing called mold. However, now that we have your attention, please allow this article to tug on your coat, and take you on a quick journey about these items that are not your friend, but have made a bed in most every home or business in America. That said, one of the sorry things about this unique fungus is that it's hard to know where they hide and how many are ready to start a war in your home or business and you won't even see it coming - ouch!

Your Sense Of Smell Will Tell You Something About Mildew And Other Culprits!

If you want to test your sense of smell, start with the shower and shower curtain and then move to your basement and then your mildew windows. Yes, winter may be in your rear view mirror but you can use this knowledge when winter and rainy season returns. In case you missed the memo, when it's cold and wet outside, you are giving humidity and mildew an opportunity they won't miss. Ergo, when your windows are foggy and misty, best you check for mold contamination. Same goes for that shower curtain that most families use in bathrooms. Take a peek down at the bottom of the curtain where you may see a cluster of fungus lurking in the corners and if you get real unlucky, what you see down there could be some ugly some ugly "black mold." And if you see one, there are more.

The Key To Safety Is Remediation And Removal!

After you have made a diligent search around your home and office building and still come back shaking your head about not detecting any of this fungus it's time to call in the mitigation and mold cleanup team of specialist who handle problems like this. They are licensed and know exactly where and how to pinpoint these undetected problems. Yes, folks, awareness is the key and these are the people who can solve mitigation and mold cleanup situations promptly and efficiently. Most specialize in
mold cleanup, mitigation, fungus and mildew situations. Mitigation and mold cleanup are the usual suspects they target.

How Microbial Growth And An Environmental Hygienist Enter The Picture.

Microbial Growth can increase exponentially in size and number. Most microbial growth
usually comes in batches or continuously. Microbial growth is a form of bacteria and most will have asexual growth. In terms of an environmental hygienist the major mission they have is protecting people as well as creating the utmost value and client experience. An environmental hygienist must also have verifiable microbial (Mold/Bacteria) experience. An environmental hygienist will also have knowledge of mold, lead paint, fungal, bacteria, and be able to work with clients in emergency situations. Usually, two years of experience will be required plus investigation experience. Visit for more information on mold removal and remediation.

What to do After Water Loss in West Jordan, Utah

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What to do After Water Loss in West Jordan, Utah

A homeowner has several advantages and disadvantages. Being a homeowner makes the person have a great responsibility as far as taking care of the house is concerned. To a renter, when an accident or a natural catastrophe happens and damages the house, it is not his/her responsibility but the homeowner. Hence, being an owner-occupier means that you need to take appropriate action instantly. Experts in Water Loss and Restoration can help you with the mitigation.

Water and electricity do not mix as such it is highly advisable to shut off the power supply if there’s any contact of water with any electrical wiring. The contact can cause hazardous damages like an electric shock, and damage to property. Therefore, it is recommended to contact your locally based electric company to shut the power supply as it is not safe to shut it from the inside.

Flood damage is a major problem for homeowners as it can cause problems even after the water is drained from the house. Water in home can trigger water damaging to the floors, electric wiring, and walls. Thus, it is advisable to seek a professional’s assistance immediately who can help with the mitigation. The mitigation will be done to ensure there is right air movement to aid the drying of affected places in the house.

Flood damage is more expensive to maintain if there is water in business. Some people tend to do the air movement, and drying part themselves without seeking a professional’s assistance. This leads to further damage because water in business or water in home can preserve humidity that causes the growth of mold.

Water cleanup is one of the biggest problems facing the people of West Jordan, Utah. Water in the house has to be removed before one thinks of reducing the effects of water damage, and repairing the areas damaged. In West Jordan, Utah, water cleanup has become tough since the water pose as a great danger to the foundation of the homes if not properly dehydrated.

The more time the water stays in a business or home, the more damage it causes. Therefore, it is important to call a specialist with relevant skills on handling water damage who will respond quickly to your issues. Besides, getting an aid immediately when you need it is always crucial. This is because accidents or natural disasters resulting from destruction caused by water can happen during any time of the day or night.

After finishing the water cleanup part, the places of the house that are affected have to be cleaned and sanitized. This step may seem useless but has serious consequences if skipped because mold grows well in wet areas.

Checking the whole building after repairs have been made is very important. You have to look for things like damage to the structure, foundation cracks or loosening, or warping. In some cases, water may have come to contact with electric, sewer, and gas lines. If you notice any of these, call your utility company for assistance. Visit for more information on water damage.

Fire Loss Restoration In West Jordan, Utah

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Fire Loss Restoration In West Jordan, Utah

Fire damage will rip through a home in West Jordan, Utah when the brush fires or lighting strikes. Someone who is concerned about how to keep their home in better condition will find it quite easy to call the fire damage company, and they will have mitigation begin as soon as possible. There is smoke damage, soot damage and other carpentry that must be repaired before the house is safe to live in again, and this article explains how the customer may hire a mitigation firm for help. Mitigation will restore the home to what it was before the fire.

#1: What Sort Of Damage Is There?

Water damage from fire, soot damage and smoke damage will come through the home after a fire, and someone who is concerned about the state of their home must take steps to ensure the house will be in the best repair. The house itself will be much healthier to live in once it has been repaired, and the house must be inspected completely to ensure it will not harbor any debris or toxins.

#2: Repairing Carpentry

The carpentry around the house must be repaired when the house has been through a fire, and someone who sees holes or gaps in their house must have them repaired quickly. They will see the house take back its former shape, and they must ensure they have the house closed up before the house may be cleaned. There are quite a few people who are searching for a way to get the house clean, and they must have everything repaired before cleaning begins.

#3: Air Quality Tests

Testing air quality is quite important, and someone who is looking for a way to make their air cleaner must ask the company to clean every part of the home looking for mold and mildew. The house will not be safe to live in when it has not been cleaned, and the homeowner will find it simple to ask the fire cleanup company come to the house to test their air. They will continue to test West Jordan, Utah homes, and they will wait until the air has been scrubbed clean.

#4: Water Damage From Fire

The fire cleanup process ensures all water in the house is removed, and they will use an industrial vacuum that removes all water from the house. They will ensure the house is clean, and they will find it simple to keep their home as healthy as possible. The house will not have mold or mildew growing, and there are many who will find it quite a lot of fun to see their house come back to life.

The house that is damaged in a fire must be repaired, and there are several different things that a homeowner may do to ensure the house looks its best. The house will look great, and it will be repaired on a professional level that is easy for anyone to see. The house will be clean and fresh once again. Visit for more information on fire damage.