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How to Remedy Commercial Fire Damage

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

How to Remedy Commercial Fire Damage

After the fire truck leaves, there’s Fire Damage to deal with. Many owners assume that a fire suppression system is all that’s needed. However, once a fire occurs, it’s important to know how to overcome the damage.

Clean After the Fire Truck Leaves

The moment the fire truck leaves, businesses are left with fire damage. Some of it could have happened from the fire hose and what a firefighter had to do. Some of it is as a result of a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system.

Many businesses don't realize the commercial fire damage is so extensive until after a firefighter leaves. It takes a lot to get an electrical fire or utility room fire under control, especially if it has the opportunity to spread.

Although a fire suppression or fire sprinkler system is designed to keep the fire under control, there are often external factors that can cause it to spread. This will lead to more fire damage, including soot damage and smoke damage.

Identify All Fire Damage

All of the commercial fire damage has to be identified. This means cleaning up the mess that a fire hose caused in order to see the smoke damage, soot damage, and other things left behind.

Some of the cleanup might be done with a firefighter still on premises. However, most damage is easier to see once the fire truck leaves. It's because there is now the knowledge that the fire hose won't need to spray anything else down. The fire hose sends water out at such a force that it not only adds water to everything but can also splinter wood.

When the commercial fire damage is recorded from what happened in a utility room fire, electrical fire, or elsewhere, its' them possible to get a plan together for fire restoration.

Document Damage

In many instances, commercial fire damage can be reported to insurance. In order for this to happen, the claim needs to identify smoke damage, soot damage, and more. A firefighter will often be able to explain the reason for the fire, which is used in the claim. Further, it might be necessary to report whether the fire suppression or fire sprinkler system was working.

A fire restoration company will be able to report the damage. This includes taking photos of the damage as a result of an electrical fire or utility room fire. If there is a lot of soot damage or smoke damage, the photos will be taken to illustrate it all.

The goal in documenting the fire and other damage is to paint a picture to the insurance company of what happened.

Restore the Building

Whether there was a utility room fire, electrical fire, or another fire, it's important to get the building restored. There will be items that have been burnt to the point that they need to be removed. there will also be items that were damaged when the fire sprinkler system came on.

A fire restoration plan will address what needs to be repaired, replaced, and rebuilt. This could take weeks or even months to carry out in its entirety. Businesses need to understand all that can happen in a fire and how the restoration process takes a variety of steps to complete.

Overall, the best thing that a company can do after experiencing a fire is to call professionals. A fire restoration company will be able to board up, assess the damage, document the damage, and carry out the complete investigation. It will make it easier to remedy the fire damage so that the building can be utilized once more.
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What to Expect from Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

What to Expect from Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

In 2015, there were over 1.3 million fires in the united states which caused about $14.3 billion worth of property damage. Fire incidences are common in the US, mostly affecting residential and commercial structures. Commercial fire damage records the highest amount of losses due to difficulties experienced by the fire department in its efforts while putting out the fire. For instances, if the offices located on the top floors of a commercial building are on fire, it's going to be more difficult to put out the fire leading to higher losses due to fire damage.

Fire damage restoration can help the property owner reverse damages caused by the fire and salvage some of the properties. Therefore, property owners and building managers should call the fire restoration company immediately to minimize the fire damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Commercial fire damage halts business activities leading to more losses on top of what has already been lost to smoke damage and soot damage.

What to Do Before the Technicians Arrive

First and foremost, nobody should enter the building until the fire department says it's safe to do so. When the fire department gives the go-ahead to enter the building, the owner can now take some measures to save properties that haven't already been engulfed by the flames, affected by soot damage or smoke damage, etc. These tips will help keep the commercial fire damage to the minimum and keep everyone safe while the fire restoration company handles the fire damage:

Avoid electrical appliances. Everybody should stay away from electrical appliances after a fire. Whether it's fire in a home or fire in a business premise, turning on electrical appliances or plugging in electronics could be dangerous. Let the fire restoration team check and determine if it's safe and organize for board up.
Don't attempt to begin the fire cleanup process. Starting the fire damage cleanup process without the professionals could end up causing more harm than good. It may even make the fire cleanup process more difficult for the technicians.

Avoid spreading soot particles. One of the biggest causes of damage after a fire is soot. Soot damage needs to be addressed carefully by professionals to prevent spreading to other unaffected areas. Getting into the house after a fire and messing with the items may cause further soot damage after a fire in a home or fire in a business.The safety of every person after a fire is critical. Nobody should be allowed into the building until fire department says it's safe. There are still many hazards in the building, and anyone who doesn't have any business in there should stay away.

Fire damage restoration companies respond quickly. It's best to call one that's closest to the location of the business premises. When they get there, the fire restoration company will do their best to reverse the commercial fire damage and eradicate the smoke smell.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

The first step in the fire damage restoration process in the event of a fire in a home or fire in business premises is to assess the damages. Damage assessment helps the fire damage restoration company to know how to proceed in terms of what has been destroyed and what can be salvaged. The restoration company will do its best to minimize damage.

After damage assessment, other fire restoration process can be including fire cleanup, repair and renovation, board up — if necessary — among other exercises meant to make the premises safe. Fire cleanup involves washing the premises, furniture affected by soot damage as well as smoke damage, and removing the smoke smell. Removing smoke smell may take a couple of days.

The last step in the commercial fire damage remediation process is repairing any part of the structure damaged by the fire in a home or fire in a business. Most commercial fire damage restoration companies provide board up services too. Sometimes, the property needs to be boarded up for repairs.
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How to Effectively Deal with Storm Damage on Your Property

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How to Effectively Deal with Storm Damage on Your Property

Every year in the United States, storm damage, wind damage and river flooding cause billions of dollars in property losses. Knowing how to effectively deal with flooding from storms, wind damage and river flooding is crucial. In the event of flooding caused by storm damage, wind damage or river flooding, the single most important thing that you can do is to call in a professional company for storm remediation. Any time storm damage hits, a professional storm restoration company is your best bet for a successful storm remediation.

The process of storm remediation.

Business or home restoration after a storm damage event always begins with a call to your local storm restoration company. It is crucial to remember that whenever a property is hit by wind damage, storm damage or flooding, whether caused by roof leaks, frozen pipes or river flooding, every minute counts. Calling in your local professional storm restoration company will give your property the best chance at a successful storm remediation.

Flooding is a major cause of damage from storms

Flood water can quickly accumulate in homes that have been hit by storms. This can occur due to rainfall creating standing flood water around the home or business. But it is even more often caused by roof damage such and the attendant roof leaks. It is crucial that any property with roof damage immediately undergo roof repair. Roof damage and roof leaks can quickly lead to the massive accumulation of flood water within the home. Roof repairs should always be carried out by a licensed, professional home restoration company. Failure to do so can roof leaks to worse or recur. This type of roof damage can lead to catastrophic amounts of flood water damage in the home.

A professional roof repair team will be able to quickly survey the damage and make the appropriate roof repairs. Home restoration companies will also have highly trained specialists on staff who can handle water restoration efforts. The team will use advanced, submersible flood pumps to carry out a swift water restoration. Using mobile flood pumps capable of removing thousands of gallons per hour, the water restoration team will be able to clear all standing water with the flood pumps within an hour. This crucial step is not possible without a trained water restoration team and industrial flood pumps.

Hurricane damage and contaminated ground water

In the event of hurricane damage, contaminated ground water will be a top concern. Contaminated ground water is a major problem that can leave properties uninhabitable in hurricane damage situations. Professional home restoration companies in zones where hurricane damage is possible will have ground water contamination experts. These experts may install special filtration systems to make the water safe.

Hail damage, ice damage and frozen pipes

Home restoration companies operating in more Northern climes are adept at handling winter storm damage. Frozen pipes, ice damage and hail damage are not only major causes of flooding but can also cause extreme physical damage to properties. Ice damming is another serious concern in winter storms.

When an ice dam forms, water can no longer run off the roof and may pool underneath the ice dam. This ice damming can cause water to be forced through tiny leaks. Ice dams have been known to cause roof failures. For this reason, any sign of ice damming needs to be handled quickly by a professional. Ice dams can potential lead to catastrophic, sudden roof collapse. Therefore, all ice damming needs to be addressed at once.

A professional storm restoration team will also be adept at melting and replacing frozen pipes as well as repairing any ice damage or hail damage that has occurred to the structure. Ice damage and hail damage can both cause serious and extensive damage to structures. Therefore, they should always be quickly addressed by a team of trained and licensed professionals.
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How Is Water Damage Repaired?

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

How Is Water Damage Repaired?

If you suffer water damage, it's essential to hire a restoration company to repair the flood damage rather than attempting to repair a flooded home yourself. These are the steps that a restoration company will take to repair a flooded home:

1. Keep Water Out:

During the early stages of restoration after flood damage, more flood water could get in if precautions aren't taken. The restoration company may do this by sealing off openings with objects that block the water.

If the water in home is originating from a pipe break, the pipe break will need to be repaired fast. Either a main pipe break or supply line break can bring in exceptionally large amounts of water in home or water in business in a very short period of time. If it was a supply line break, valves may be closed to prevent the supply line break from continuing to leak.

2. Assessment:

Professionals will determine the extent of the water damage before the water cleanup begins. In addition, they will determine what type of water damage you have. The amount of time restoration professionals spend assessing the damage often depends on the source of the water. For instance, a supply line break takes much less time to assess than a situation where water is entering a home from multiple locations.

Hydrometers are often used to determine how saturated a surface is. Professionals also will determine if mold growth has occurred. In order to discover pockets of water in home or water in business behind walls, infrared cameras are often utilized.

3. Pump Out The Water:

A restoration company will get the water out of your flooded home using specialized water cleanup pumps. There are two main types of pumps that can be utilized for the mitigation of water in home or water in business. These are submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums. Submersible pumps are only used in more serious cases of water damage. The pumps are brought in as quickly as possible in order to prevent the growth of mold.

4. Drying Out The Building:

Dehumidifiers are used to expedite drying of surfaces in a flooded home. Air movers are also used to ensure that there is a strong air current in the building. This also expedites the drying process. The moisture level of the air and surfaces are closely monitored during the damage mitigation process. Floors and walls are watched especially closely. The temperature of the air is also kept optimal for drying.

5. Deodorization And Sanitation:

Mitigation Of Mold Growth:

Any mold that has grown will have to be removed during the restoration process for flood damage. The mitigation of mold growth involves specialized cleaners and equipment. If porous surfaces contain extensive mold growth, they will be disposed of. Non-porous surfaces can often be cleaned.

Appliances that contain insulation are often discarded as a precaution. They may harbor mold even if there is no evidence of it. The filters of the heating system are replaced in most cases of flood damage. Since water can wick upwards, materials higher than the water line may need to be removed.


Deodorizing sprays are used to reduce the odor of wet materials. The process of deodorization is effective enough that business owners who suffered water in business are able to open back up without odors deterring customers.

Personal Belongings:

In some cases, wet personal belongings are removed during the process of water cleanup even if they don't have mold on them. The following methods are often utilized for the restoration of personal belongings:

Wet Cleaning
Dry Cleaning
Foam Cleaning
Immersion Cleaning
Abrasive Cleaning
Spray And Wipe

6. Replacement Of Materials That Were Removed:

If you suffer a pipe break or another form of water damage, the restoration company may replace materials that were removed during the water cleanup process.
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Help! My Business is on Fire!

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Help! My Business is on Fire!

Utility room fire is common among commercial buildings. Also, other sources could lead to fire outbreak including electrical fire resulting from short circuit or current overload. In all these incidences, fire can cause devastating damages to building and property. Utility room fire or electrical fire destroys the appliances such as air conditioner. There are times where the owners cannot salvage anything including the building because the fire truck delayed or the fire hose was inadequate.

To avoid losing all the property in your commercial building, it is important to have a quick action whenever fire incidence is sported. However, some people panic and cannot think straight to make a call to the local firefighter. The imagination of what will be lost after utility room fire outbreak makes it difficult for business owners to bear. Apart from fire damage, soot damage because of electrical fire can also cause harm to your property. The fire truck must arrive on time to save the situation.

Fire outbreak in a business can be devastating because of the prominent fire damage. Contacting the local fire fighter is important because they would respond quickly to suppress the fire. Most of the commercial buildings are fitted with the fire sprinkler system that helps in the fire suppression. The fire sprinkler system has sensors that detect the heat increase in the room and open up valves that sprinkle water into the room as a measure for fire suppression. If the fire outbreak is not large, the fire sprinkler system is capable of effective suppression of fire.

The responding fire truck has everything including fire hose that could reach to any area of the buildings. The fire truck also has other tools and equipment that help a firefighter to engage the fire safely. Fire suppression is crucial because it helps in reducing the impact of commercial fire damage. After the fire has been contained by the firefighter, it is time to plan for fire restoration. This important process should be handled by professional smoke damage restoration services.

Professional commercial fire damage restoration
Fire restoration services are within reach and could contact them. Some of the firefighters also have the tools and skills to conduct fire restoration after completing the fire suppression process. Fire damage is extensive; it comprises of all the burned items in the building, soot damage, smoke damage and possible wall cracks.

What are the importance professional fire restoration services?
After using fire hose to put flame off, the professionals embark on a comprehensive inspection. They make sure that the area is sealed off from intruders. The professionals sort out the items to salvage those that can be repaired easily. They also check on the walls, the plumbing system, the electrical system and ceiling among more.

After inspection, the professionals will clean up the room and remove all the damaged items. The water poured by fire hose during fire suppression process is also massive and has to be removed immediately. If it was electrical fire or utility room fire, it means that the electrical system has to be repaired.

Fire restoration is a complex process that would take some time, but through professional’s assistance, it is made to look easy and simple. The professionals would also assist in the documentation of the lost items and the damages that occurred. This can be used to file claims with your insurance company for compensation.

The importance of professional fire damage restoration services is that they not only clean up the charred mess, but would also provide you with the mitigation measures. If the fire sprinkler system was damaged or was absent, they could recommend installation or repair of the existing one.

Smoke damage and soot damage restoration
Soot damage results from black smoke caused by insufficient combustion. It destroys the painting on the wall, furniture, and documents. The commercial fire damage service would clean up the soot and repaint the walls. Smoke damage usually leads to strong odor, which spreads across the rooms.Deodorization is required to clear up the smell.

Because fire damage is a common thing, you will find many fire restoration companies to choose after a fire in your business. You should choose a professional service provider who has a good reputation is ensuring most effective commercial fire damage restoration.
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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters

The wake of the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida have resulted in flooding, hail damage, hurricane damage and ice dam damage from the flood water. Many residents have been left homeless. While storms and hurricanes can be unpredictable, there are various storm remediation. measures that home owners can take. The same measures can be used in the case of river flooding and ice damming from an ice dam pool.

Preparing your home for storm damage is one of the best storm remediation measures. One way is to ensure that you have a flood pump. A flood pump is a handy tool if you live in a flood prone area. This can help to drain water and salvage items after a storm damage, ice damage, and flooding or hail damage. If you are dealing with extensive river flooding and excessive ground water, it is best to engage the services of water restoration experts.

Hurricane damage, for instance, can be overwhelming. You may not be in a position to deal with the flood water and flooding. In such cases, home restoration or storm restoration needs to be done by professionals. You may have to team up with your neighbors and enlist the services of storm restoration experts. Hurricane damage may lead to river flooding, and this calls for experts. The same case applies to hail damage and extensive ice damage.

In the case of wind damage and damage from a hail storm, the home needs to be properly fortified. Wind damage will also result in roof damage. Roof repair, especially from a roof leak, needs to be handled immediately. To check for roof damage, look out for missing shingles. Roof repair will also include assessment of exhaust pipes. Frozen pipes will also be dried professionally. A roof leak can compromise the roofing structure, hence the need for professional services.

In such cases, the roof repair or storm restoration company will advise on how to secure the windows. This is a storm remediation. measure to prevent further storm damage in the future. If you live in areas prone to river flooding, wind damage, hail damage and hurricane damage, then you should consider adding extra support on the windows to deal with the roof damage. This will act as the first line of defense and prevent excessive flooding from the flood water or ground water. This is also bound to reduce the cost of storm restoration and water restoration.

Hail damage comes with ice damage. This may lead to the formation of an ice dam or ice damming. Ice damage is also accompanied by frozen pipes. This can lead to a water supply line breakage. Ice damming can also lead to damage to your furniture. Water restoration is crucial to stop further damage from the ice dam and ground water. Ice damming can also lead to a roof leak. Heat should not be used on the frozen pipes. It is best to let professional home restoration experts handle the frozen pipes and other forms of damage.

Storm damage restoration experts have the right skills and tools such as a flood pump to handle flooding including river flooding. Hurricane, hail damage and wind damage can be very extreme. In such instances, it is best to protect your life and your family. If a hurricane or wind damage warning is issued, it is best to evacuate. Home restoration can always be done once the disaster is over.

If a violent storm hits when you are in the house. Experts advise that you should converge to the center of the building. Alternatively, you can also stay close to the bathtub until the damage is over. Once the storm is over, consider storm remediation. services. Professional companies will advise on the measures to take to protect your home from future flood water damage. They will also handle your property in a professional way. Their aim is to salvage as much as they can and deal with the ground water using a high technology flood pump. Their services also include roof repair from the roof damage and roof leak.

While storm damage can cause havoc, the damage can be contained through water restoration services from professional home restoration companies.
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The Cleanup Needed After A Flood

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The Cleanup Needed After A Flood

Water damage through a pipe break, supply line break, or flood can be handled through mitigation and a professional restoration company to help with the restoration process. Water cleanup is essential after the unfortunate flooded home or business. Water in business or water in home from any sort of flood damage will need to be drained and prepared for drying within a 24 to 48 hour period of time. Any longer and mold will begin set in. Items, such as, furniture, rugs, and bedding can be saved as long as they are removed from the water and dried right away. It can become costly to professionally clean rugs and couches if the water was contaminated and throwing them out could be necessary. Turning the electricity off throughout the house is recommended when walking through any long standing water. It may be useful to have a flashlight on hand to avoid any possibility of electric shock.

Restoration of a flooded home can begin once pictures have been taken for the insurance company to evaluate the water damage. It is important to leave the home if the damage is unsafe and could cause injury. Flood damage can occur because of a pipe break, clogged toilet, supply line break, and natural disasters. If water cleanup is too much to handle, mitigation can be handled with a restoration company who understands the many aspects of water in home and water in business. Draining the water from the premises and properly drying the area with a wet-dry vac, a dehumidifier, and fans is necessary to avoid any destructive mold. If the damage was significant enough to leave the home it may be necessary to check for any serious structural damage to the foundation before re-entering.

There are many things to consider when faced with water in home or water in business. Long standing flood water should never be walked through without protective gear, such as, waterproof boots and gloves. Mitigation of a flooded home can be done by a restoration company who understands the importance of replacing any dry wall, insulation, or paneling that has water damage. Poking holes into the drywall at the floor level will allow any water that is being trapped to spill out and dry. Restoration and water cleanup of any flood damage includes drying of any furniture that has been affected by flooding through a pipe break or supply line break. Taking pictures for the insurance company before any work is done on the home or business will allow the insurance company to properly award any monetary payment for the damages.

If the unexpected happens and there is a supply line break or a pipe break that causes flood damage, a restoration company can help with any water in home or water in business fast. Most are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day for the mitigation of any water cleanup that may be necessary. The main water lines should be shut off in the case of flooding to any area of the home through a busted pipe. Electrical sources should also be turned off for safety reasons. Restoration of a flooded home will require for the water to be drained and for drying to take place quickly. The insurance company will want to see, through pictures, that all the necessary actions were followed through in saving the home or business from any extensive damages that could have been avoided. Any permanent water damage that is done to carpet, rugs, furniture, and walls will need to be replaced or cleaned, if salvageable, with a non-ammonia detergent and a 10 percent bleach solution. Ammonia and bleach create a toxic gas; therefore, it is imminent that the two are never mixed.
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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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The Need for Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is not only useful in ensuring that businesses and homes are in great shape, but it also provides a habitable environment. Fire in business or home can cause immense damage if it's not properly handled. Therefore, business owners and homeowners need to seek the help of restoration experts who are knowledgeable and understand the risks involved in the fire cleanup and commercial fire damage restoration. This way, you will be assured of quality and professional services, especially when it comes to managing smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

Here are a few areas that will require the help of a commercial fire damage restoration company:

Flooding and water damage

The property owners' primary concern is the damage caused by fire in a business or home that is usually accompanied by soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. It's important to note that water damage mitigation and board up services are still of great importance. When putting out the fire in a home or business, the water used will get into different items and areas of your house, which means that you will be dealing with a huge mess from water damage as well.

Also, the water damage spreads faster even after putting out the fire in a business or home, and it's therefore important to get in touch with a water damage expert as soon as possible. Also, there is the need for efficient fire cleanup and proper drying of wood items in your home or business as well as other flooring types such as vinyl and tile to avoid further damage. The restoration company will take your through every step.


The fire in business or home clean up emergencies is always a multifaceted problem, and it's important that your home or business is safe before anyone can re-enter. That's why you should seek the help of board up expert's to ensure that the property's interior, roof, and foundation is in great shape and that you wouldn't have to worry about any security concerns during the restoration process after fire damage.

Smoke damage

Whether you are dealing with fire in home damage or commercial fire damage, the soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell will always be of great concern. However, with the help of a restoration company the smoke and soot damage resulting from the fire in a home and any other structural damage can be dealt with easily. Qualified fire damage restoration experts will ensure that the cleanup exercise is done in the right way since the smoke damage can leave a black residue all over the personal items, walls, and flooring which can be difficult to deal with. What's more, you can still seek the help of a restoration company or a board up services to get rid of any remaining debris and smoke smell.

Mold growth after fire damage

If water damage is left unattended, it could lead to serious problems such as the growth of mildew and mold. Whether the fire cleanup is as a result of commercial fire damage or fire in a home, if you don't have a proper mitigation solution in place, then the mold growth can lead to serious health complications. However, by seeking the help of a restoration company you wouldn't have to worry about such concerns.

Fire damage

The only mitigation factor to commercial fire damage is seeking the help of a qualified fire damage restoration company. Seeking the help of such experts will help in managing fire in a home or business as well as the resulting soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Fire damage can render homeowners temporary homeless and business owners out of business, but they can be at peace knowing that there is a team that can offer them fire cleanup and commercial fire damage response services whenever they are in need. Security is also of great concern and board up experts can create temporary fencing to prevent looters.
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What's the Best Way to Handle Mold Damage at Home or Work?

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What's the Best Way to Handle Mold Damage at Home or Work?

Finding mold in the home or commercial mold damage at work is daunting. Many people have no idea what to do when they find mold in the home or commercial mold damage, and some people aren’t even aware what they’ve discovered is mold damage. Mold growth occurs everywhere. Since most people live with the belief it only happens in the south where there’s a lot of moisture or in rooms where there’s a lot of moisture, they assume they’re finding nothing more than a little mildew or innocent fungus.

Mold growth occurs anywhere so long as there is enough humidity in the air and even a small amount of moisture present. It’s most common in rooms where there is excess moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, but mold in the home and commercial mold damage can occur in any room. The most common cause of mold damage and mold growth is a flood, but even a small leak in a pipe that’s not serious can cause serious mold growth behind the walls. Mold growth behind the walls is a real cause for concern for home and business owners unaware of a small leak in any pipe, and it’s often serious damage when it is discovered.

The Truth About Mold

No mold is good mold. That little bit of mildew a homeowner finds in the bathroom and wipes up is far more than just a little bit of mildew. It’s a sign there is potential mold growth or at least a sign the conditions at home or work are right for mold growth. Mold damage of any kind is costly, and it’s not just black mold people should worry about. All mold can cause expensive damage in the home or office, and black mold is not always the bad kind. Many forms of mold, fungus, and mildew are black mold.

Mold growth behind walls is a big problem, and the biggest signs of this tend to be dry rot in a home or office or a musty, smelly odor. The common way people handle mold in the home and commercial mold damage is by wiping it up and using some form of deodorization to cover a smelly odor. It doesn’t take long to realize the use of deodorization must be frequent to keep the smelly odor at bay, and that’s a big sign of mold growth behind walls or another form of mold damage.

The final truth about mold removal is no one should ever attempt to do it on their own. A restoration company must do it for home and business owners. Mold removal is risky when people don’t know what they are doing. Trying to handle mold removal without the proper equipment can cause more mold damage to occur as it disturbs mold spores and causes them to spread faster.

Call A Restoration Company

Mold removal must be handled by a restoration company specializing in remediation and mitigation. Both remediation and mitigation are mandatory. Both require professional help, but there are a few things home and business owners can do. They can call as soon as they recognize a smelly odor deodorization doesn’t cover or when they recognize dry rot, mildew, or fungus in the home, and they can turn off any of their air or heat systems.

Heating and air vents cause mold growth to occur more rapidly as it spreads spores faster throughout a home or office. Remediation and mitigation help with this process, and it makes things a lot easier on everyone. it’s imperative to remove water from leaks or from flood damage right away. Calling a professional restoration company is the best way to handle fungus, dry rot, signs of dry rot, black mold, and deodorization. No one can afford to forgo professional remediation and mitigation when mold is present.
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Why Hire A Professional Water Restoration Company

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Why Hire A Professional Water Restoration Company

After a flood damage, it is extremely important to call a restoration company as soon as possible for water cleanup. As soon as mitigation professionals arrive, they will begin the water cleanup process.

Anyone who recently had a severe water intrusion due to pipe break or supply line break might be thinking he or she can handle the problem without professional assistance. Attempting to handle a water in home or water in business situation on your own is not advisable. In a situation where there is standing water present, the job should be left to a restoration company.

Flooded home or water damage in a commercial establishment can be due to a supply line break, a non-functioning sump pump, a frozen pipe, or faulty plumbing and every second counts. Quick action is crucial in order to prevent serious and long-lasting damage.

If the water in business or water in home is not cleaned properly or if faulty supply line leak or pipe break is not handled appropriately there is a good chance the situation will get worse. It is imperative that a qualified restoration company handle the mitigation, including water cleanup and drying. Professionals can find any defect in the system, including pipe break and supply line break and fix it quickly. By acting quickly, they can minimize the water damage and possibly save some of the materials or belongings.

Here are the basic steps used by mitigation professionals for flood damage restoration.

Find the Source of the Problem

The first step is to locate the source of the water in home or business and prevent further damage. These professionals will look for any supply line break or pipe break. Once the water cleanup technicians find the source of flooded home or water in business, they will fix it and devise a mitigation plan based on the severity of flooding and damage. Water damage technicians will take the appropriate steps and precautions if the water in home or water in business contains sewage.

Inform Your Insurance Provider

It is important to notify the insurance company immediately following a water damage. Restoration professionals help in the insurance report preparation and can report their findings to your insurance company. Their report in regards to the flooded home help determine coverage options. The insurance coverage regarding flood damage depends on the cause of the flooding, and other factors.

Begin the Restoration

Reputable mitigation professionals begin the water damage restoration immediately after assessing the situation. A flooded home or business should not be left for several days before the water cleanup begins after the initial evaluation. The restoration company ensures that its professionals get to work right away to address the situation.

Water Extraction

Flood damage technicians have truck mounted water extraction systems and dehumidifiers to get rid of standing water and moisture in the affected areas. They carefully and effectively remove excess water from furnishings, flooring, and other materials. They also repair any damage caused by the water damage.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Professional response crews are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools.
Once the water in home or water in business is removed, mitigation experts use advanced cleaning products to thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected area and materials, including insulation, wood beams, and drywall.

Drying Process

Restoration technicians dry the wet materials with powerful drying equipment. Professionals place dehumidifiers and air movers around the affected areas. They also use high tech air scrubbers to eliminate contaminants from the air and remove odors. Drying can take about 3-5 days to complete.


Water cleanup and drying should start as soon as possible after the water in business or water in home incident has occurred. Restoration professionals have the skills and resources to handle the situation properly and restore the property to its original condition. From the initial assessment to the drying phase, professionals can get the job completely quickly.
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